vDice Adds Support for Ethereum Light Wallets


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Bitcoin Press ReleasevDice is the leading platform for Ethereum blockchain gambling games. They launched their flagship game last month.

Already they have built a reputation for making Ethereum blockchain gambling accessible and user-friendly.

Committed to that goal, they are announcing a series of new features. These features support investing and game play from the leading Ethereum light clients.

vDice.io implements all games as Smart Contracts. They exist on the blockchain.

As such, they are decentralised and trustless. So you don’t need an account to play. Payouts are nearly instant, bets are provably fair (on the blockchain), and you can play from anywhere.

The game gives players the opportunity to either bet against the smart contracts or invest in them.

All this can now be done from Jaxx, Metamask or MyEtherWallet. These are the leading light clients in the Ethereum space at the moment.

So, there is no need to download the large Ethereum blockchain, and go through a cumbersome and tedious process to take advantage of what vDice.io has to offer.

You can bet or invest right from your browser.

As the leading platform for Ethereum blockchain gambling, vDice.io prides itself on taking the complexity out of Blockchain-based gambling for Ethereum.

Lead designer James Groton notes:

You only have to trust the code. This is the promise of Ethereum. It is something that vDice is implementing successfully in the space.

In characteristic vDice style, the game simplifies the user experience. The game can be played, or invested in, with only a few clicks, in the browser. There is no need to deal with complex, clumsy, Ethereum code.

As one of the more fun projects in the Ethereum space, it will be exciting to see where this team takes their brand.

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