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‘Got My Way’: Twitch Streamer Jenna Basically Admits to Sexual Assault

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:28 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:28 PM
  • Twitch streamer Jenna has admitted to a sexual assault in a video clip posted to Reddit.
  • In the clip, she tells the story of her forcing a man into kissing her by using her stream as a weapon.
  • Other instances have come to light of the streamer using racial slurs.

A famous Twitch streamer has been found to admit to sexually assaulting someone on one of her streams. The clip of her admitting to the incident has been shared on Reddit . Many users are commenting on the ‘disgusting’ nature  of the way she talked about the assault in question.

This incident brings to light several other incidents of misconduct on the part of Jenna herself. These incidents include using racial slurs on a Livestream, as well as calling another streamer ‘reta**ed’. There have also been accusations of further misconduct that cannot be verified.

Jenna - Ableist Slurs
There exist several pieces of video evidence of Jenna using different slurs, either aimed at specific people or just said in general. | Source: Streamable 

Sexual Assault Accusations

The news of her sexual assault came to light thanks to user euphoricpup on Reddit . He posted a streamable clip of her talking about an incident involving an unknown male. In the clip, she describes an interaction with a man who she tried to kiss. After he rejected her she ‘roasted’ him for 20 minutes, threatening to tell her Livestream about the rejection. She then claims that the man eventually lets her kiss him and that she “got her way”.

Comments on the Reddit post are less than positive about Jenna’s behavior. Many pointed out that if the roles had been reversed and a male streamer had told this story he would have been called a rapist. Whether or not this is true or not is up for debate. Regardless, the general consensus seems to be that Jenna’s behavior was not acceptable, some going so far as to call it “disgusting” and say she clearly feels “entitled to sex or sexual interactions from any guy”.

Other users continued to debate the issue, and some brought up other instances of bad behavior. A lot of these instances have to do with the use of racial or ableist slurs. There was even a user who accused her of faking a sexual assault to gain views based on drama . This accusation, though, cannot be verified.

Jenna Has Used Various Slurs

Other users quickly began posting clips of Jenna using slurs in various different ways. In one clip, while hanging out with other streamers she used the N-word . The clip is titled: “Jenna says it with a hard r” and seems to feature other streamers who are being goaded into using racist terms but refuse.

In the same vein, a user has also accused her of using the term ‘kill all n-words’  apparently in an Instagram story. As of right now, no one has been able to provide evidence of this story existing. However, there is video proof of another time where she used an ableist slur against Twitch streamer Ice_Poseidon.

In this video, they’re talking about Ice when someone says “He’s smart so you should like him” . To this, Jenna responds with “He’s very reta**ed”, which prompts many protests from the other participants on the stream. In particular, it seems that Jenna has a history of using slurs, and her recent activity appears to have compounded the issue. The incident has also caused some comparison to Twitch streamer Alinity, infamous for her bad conduct.