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Trump Wins Again: Pete Buttigieg’s Democrat Sister-in-Law Joins #WalkAway Movement

Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:41 PM
Greg Thomson
Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:41 PM

By CCN.com: The Trump train just kicked into higher gear on its charge towards the 2020 elections, after Pete Buttigieg’s sister-in-law condemned the presidential hopeful as immature and inexperienced.

Buttigieg’s sister-in-law extremely concerned over maturity level

The sister of Chasten Glezman – Pete Buttigieg’s husband – appeared on the Facebook page of the anti-dem #WalkAway  movement, explaining why she cannot in all good conscience vote for her own family member.

A lifelong Democrat who voted for Obama twice, Erin Glezman switched sides she was forced to choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in 2016. Glezman says she can’t imagine her brother and his husband in charge of the country. She wrote :

“The 2020 election is extremely personal to me because Pete Buttigieg is my brother-in-law, and I cannot imagine him and Chasten being the voice for our country. The maturity level and lack of experience has me extremely concerned.”

The post rapidly became one of the most liked comments in the #WalkAway group – a movement dedicated to Democrats who want to switch sides politically.

Switching sides to Trump in 2016

Glezman says that her vote for Trump in 2016 was really a vote against Clinton. However, since Trump assumed office, she has noticed lots of positive change for Americans:

“I have always considered myself an independent, but with favor towards liberals. I voted for Obama both terms, but could not vote for Hillary Clinton, so voted for Trump (though not my first choice). Since then I have seen a lot of positive changes Trump has made or is striving to achieve. I believe he really puts our countries needs first. I just cannot stand with the libs anymore, and don’t feel they are taking our country in the right direction.”

These comments would surely make for an uncomfortable Christmas dinner in most families, but it’s not clear how close the Glezman siblings are at this point. When Chasten Glezman came out as gay when he was 18, he left home and moved to Germany on a student exchange program.

Chasten told reporters  that his parents never told him to go, but that it was insinuated. He said:

“I don’t recall my parents specifically saying I couldn’t live at home anymore, but I was made to believe I needed to leave.”

A house divided

Buttigieg and Glezman initially met on the gay dating app, Hinge, in 2015. Three years later the pair tied the knot at the Cathedral of Saint James Episcopal church in South Bend. Were Buttigieg to win in the 2020 presidential race, not only would he become the first gay president, his husband would become the first male first lady – Michelle Obama conspiracies aside.

Polls currently place Buttigieg on 7% of the votes for the democratic candidacy, some way behind Joe Biden (39%) and Bernie Sanders (14%). Critics say that if Bittigieg is to stand a chance of winning he will need to expand beyond his current niche voter base. Buttigieg recently announced he would be returning contributions from lobbyists, and has vowed to run without any corporate PAC money.