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Trade Token (TIO), The World’s 1st ERC20 Cryptocurrency to Be Offered as a Payment Method for FX/CFD Brokers

Last Updated May 16, 2023 4:01 AM
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Last Updated May 16, 2023 4:01 AM
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Bitcoin Press Release. trade.io  has announced that its early adopter – the PRIMUS Group of companies – known by its clientele as ‘FXPRIMUS, The Safest Place To Trade’ – will offer its clients the ability to deposit to their trading account using their TIO. This announcement follows successful integration of trade.io’s BTV DApp (Blockchain Trade Verifier) to FXPRIMUS in January of this year.

June 11th, 2018. Lugano, Switzerland. The 10-year old industry leading broker, and winner of multiple awards will offer the ability to deposit in TIO, in response to overwhelming community demand. With this, its clients who span multiple continents, will have the opportunity to deposit to their trading account in a similar manner they currently do, utilizing Bitcoin.

By offering the ability to deposit utilizing TIO, the trade.io community  – known as the Tionauts – will now have access to trade over 120 tradable instruments including forex pairs, commodities, stocks and indices. Further to this, TIO is acting as a frictionless, absolutely free funding method which allows clients to fund and begin trading in the quickest manner possible. This integration of technologies between the two companies further demonstrates the utility of TIO and the continuous focus by FXPRIMUS to provide everyone a convenient, efficient way to trade.

This unprecedented move to further bridge the gap between traditional finance and the blockchain sector brings significant added value to the loyal TIO-holding community of trade.io,  as well as providing a bridge of access into the world of cryptocurrencies for the traditional investor.

CEO of trade.io Jim Preissler commented:


One of our many initiatives is to continue to bring utility to TIO. By offering it as a method of deposit to such an industry leader as FXPRIMUS, will allow TIO Holders to experience the excitement of FX & CFD trading. This development also has the potential to significantly increase the size of the TIO community, as we’re exposing TIO to an entirely different asset class.”

Preissler concluded “We are already in talks with other brokers and non-financial companies which will only expand the TIO community.”

With a rooted background in traditional finance, the board and management team of trade.io have already been approached by other brokers to include the TIO as a deposit mechanism. Applications are welcome to be submitted to [email protected]

CEO of PRIMUS Group, Constantinos Kappai commented:

Our motto and driving force at FXPRIMUS has always been to provide one of the safest trading environments for traders worldwide. With this new integration, our wish is to extend our stable and secure trading environment into a relatively untapped resource, the crypto world.”

The Trade Token (TIO) is currently available to buy on the following exchanges: OKEX, Bancor, gate.io, TIDEX, KuCoin, HiTBTC & IDEX. To find out more about the Trade Token and to be alerted about the upcoming launch of trade.io’s flagship product the trade.io Exchange, visit https://trade.io/exchange 

About trade.io

trade.io  is a next generation financial institution based on blockchain technology, and providing the ultimate in security and transparency via its flagship product the trade.io exchange as well as its highly sought after token sale Consulting Services and Angel Investment Program. trade.io successfully completed its token sale in January 2018 and raised over 31 million USD from loyal participants and community members who want greater transparency in the financial markets.


FXPRIMUS is globally acclaimed for offering one of the most secure online trading environments available anywhere in the forex industry. The company enables clients of all experience levels to trade multiple instruments including forex, commodities, energies, indices and cryptocurrencies, via a range of advanced web and mobile trading platforms. Lightning quick execution via state-of-the-art execution systems worldwide combine to create a seamlessly efficient trading environment. Client funds are protected via a client fund insurance for up to 2.5EUR million, plus 3rd party overseeing of client funds by Boudica Client Trust. Learn more: https://www.fxprimus.com 

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