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Token Ranking System ICO All-In Gives Backers Insight for a Sound Investment

Last Updated April 28, 2023 1:22 AM
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Last Updated April 28, 2023 1:22 AM

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As bitcoin disrupted the financial industry, people have been quick to adopt the digital currency’s underlying technology, the blockchain, to suit for a variety of purposes. Like water, the decentralized ledger can fit into any metaphorical container of services and industry.

Initially too complex to be done by a lot of organizations, launch pad platforms like EthereumNEO, and the recently launched EOS have made it possible to run a blockchain platform off their main chain, giving the side chain all of its characteristics. The ease that Ethereum offered resulted in an explosion of new platforms, each with its own distinct token, covering industries ranging from the vast global shipping to the nascent legalized marijuana.

Problems In A Flooded Market

Currently, the crypto price and market capitalization tracking website, CoinMarketCap lists tokens in excess of 1,600. The list is growing on a regular basis as more and new tokens and platforms join the crypto market.

A huge and such a diversified market should normally mean advantages for backers, who have such a vast variety of investment opportunities to choose from, mitigating their risks and diversifying their investments. In reality, that is not so.


Initial token sales offering huge discounts, marketing campaigns declaring the platforms as THE best, technical details in whitepapers, bogus data, core team reliability and future uncertainty confuse the investor rather than compelling him or her to stake in a particular token. As a backer with a lot of money to inject in a token that has not seen the light of day and the platform is just a concept, this makes a lot of early backers nervous.

This is compounded by the fact that most investors, especially institutional ones, are not tech oriented and have a difficult time understanding the jargons used in the documentation and the industry, driving further ambiguity.

ICO All-In: Clearing The Air

Hong Kong based ICO All-In  is a token ranking platform that uses a complex array of scoring, with each aspect studied carefully and converting that into a simple grading system so that token backers and contributors can have a reliable and a straightforward guide for them.

The platform takes into account:

  • The Platform And Token: Evaluating project dimensions and its token through publicly available information.
  • Sales & Marketing: complete analysis of tokenomics through studying timelines, marketing and sales team, technology and reviews from experts.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Collaborating with IBM, the information is run through their Watson AI, which is then rechecked by internal and external auditors, the platform ensures that no information is left out of the equation.

With all this, the platform gives a simple rating, based on alphabetical grading, ranging from bitcoin or ethereum competitor (A) to a complete fraud (E). For investors, this means they can simply check out the grading and decide which token they prefer to back.

Not Just For Investors

ICO All-In  is not just investor or contributor oriented. It offers platforms more than just the opportunity to register and have their tokens evaluated. Through the direct investment option, it allows contributors who find a particular platform or token interesting and worth their money, to acquire tokens directly from the website, giving the said platform an increased exposure to investors who are confident in the platform’s ability.

For more information on the ranking platform, visit their website .