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“Tipping Tuesday” Spurs Charitable Bitcoin Donations

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM
Jonathan Saewitz
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM

tipping tuesdayYesterday, reddit user steeevemadden made a post on /r/Bitcoin proposing a “Tipping Tuesday” : a day during which Bitcoiners donate via ChangeTip to charitable organizations over Twitter. Surprisingly, the proposal took off, and many Bitcoiners are participating in this event actively. Roughly every minute, a new tip is sent over Twitter. You can check the tips being sent by searching for the hashtag #TippingTuesday on Twitter .

Another reddit user, BashCoBot, further solidified the proposal in a post  in which he laid out some ideas for which charities and communities to tip. Excited users began posting  about the event, showing their tips and encouraging others to follow their lead.

One of the most popular charities receiving donations this week’s Tuesday is none other than the Royal National Lifeboat Institution , which began accepting Bitcoin donations over three months ago. By November 9th, their bitcoin donation address received about 6.4 bitcoins, or $2,354. As a result of Tipping Tuesday, the RNLI tweeted that they set up their ChangeTip account.

A few hours ago, the RNLI tweeted that they’ve received over 28 donations today alone – many more compared to the past!

Other Organizations

The RNLI isn’t the only organizations that’s received tips this Tipping Tuesday. Other organizations, and even celebrities, have been receiving donations all day. For example, Kyle Kemper , self-described as a “Business Consultant, Bitcoin Enthusiast, Father” has been tipping celebrities, charities, and popular Twitter accounts all day– from the Toronto Maple Leafs  to Tom Hanks  to Save the Children , Kemper has been extremely active in Tipping Tuesday.

Other charities receiving donations via ChangeTip include Amnesty International , the Electronic Frontier Foundation , and Sean’s Outpost , and many more! These charities will hopefully accept these ChangeTip donations and use them to support the charity.

A chart comparing Bitcoin and Dogecoin tips. Over one year, $65,468.23 worth of Bitcoin was tipped. Over three months, $68,074.59 worth of Dogecoin was tipped. Also, there were 9,418 Bitcoin tips compared to 262,138 Dogecoin tips. The average Bitcoin tip was $6.95 whereas the average Dogecoin tip was $0.26.
A Bitcoin vs. Dogecoin tipping analysis

Vitality of Tipping

Bitcoin is clearly way behind in the tipping game. In a Bitcoin vs. Dogecoin tipping analysis  (seen to the left) by the team behind dogetipbot, you can see that Dogecoiners are much more active tippers than Bitcoiners: in just three months, Dogecoiners tipped more than Bitcoiners tipped in a year. In just over thirty days following this report, about 150,000,000 dogecoins (at the time, about $85,000) were donated . The Dogecoin community is well-known for their kindness and excitement, especially regarding tipping. Dogecoin’s popularity is in large part due to its tipping and friendly community, and it looks like Bitcoin is catching up in this regard.

This virtual event is a major step that’s necessary for Bitcoin’s adoption in many ways. Firstly, by tipping celebrities on Twitter, there’s a possibility that the celebrity collects the tip and tweets about it, which will introduce many people to Bitcoin. The hashtag #TippingTuesday could also become trending on Twitter, which would further introduce people to Bitcoin. Furthermore, this event shows Bitcoin’s showcases Bitcoin’s potential: the fact that someone from New York can send Bitcoin to a charity in Africa in seconds with zero transactions fees is a perfect example of how Bitcoin can change the world.

Are you participating in Tipping Tuesday? Let us know in the comments below!

Tipping comparison from the dogetipbot team ; other images from Shutterstock.