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This Xbox Series X Launch Title Is the Weirdest Thing You’ll See All Week

Jasmine Henry
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:48 PM
  • A new game called Orphan of the Machine has been confirmed as an Xbox Series X launch title.
  • The game will be released during fall 2020, which is the official launch window for the console.
  • It is one of only a few games confirmed for the Xbox Series X.

Solo game developer Dynamic Voltage has revealed the first gameplay video of their game, Orphan of the Machine. It will be released on the Xbox Series X in fall 2020, which makes it a launch window title for the console.

Orphan of the Machine
Source: Twitter 

Xbox Series X Gets an Indie Ecco the Dolphin

The gameplay trailer shows a dolphin swimming gently among some fish. The action comes in the middle of the video when the dolphin starts firing laser bolts at an anti-aircraft gun.

It’s unclear why these guns are there or how this dolphin can attack them like this, but it confirms that Orphan of the Machine is one bizarre game. Orphan of the Machine has been compared to Ecco the Dolphin, but Dynamic Voltage says that games like Metroid also inspired it. 


The game is also a bit like Viva Pinata. Fans have asked Microsoft to bring back Viva Panata for the Xbox Series X , so Orphan of the Machine could offer them some of that gameplay.

Xbox Series X Could Have Several, Other Weird Indie Games

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has suggested that the Xbox Series X launch lineup may be small. Orphan of the Machine probably isn’t the game that will drive most people to buy the console. However, it does offer a tease at what fans can expect from it.

It shows that the Xbox Series X will be able to offer players variety, giving them weird games by indie developers as well as major releases by Microsoft development teams. Spencer has also gone out to Japan to talk to game developers there, confirming that the team wants a vast range of Xbox Series X games.