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There’s No Limit to Love with Roberto Carlos and LUCKY.io

“Love has no limit […] and when you do what you love, magic is very real.”* Legendary footballer Roberto Carlos spoke to children who had ...

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September 23, 2019 9:05 AM

“Love has no limit […] and when you do what you love, magic is very real.”* Legendary footballer Roberto Carlos spoke to children who had or had been through cancer about the importance of doing what you love and how this leads to where you want to be.

Crypto has attracted some of the most prominent talents in the world and this time it’s move into football. The Brazilian star Roberto Carlos has officially signer with a new iGaming token LUCKY.io, making him one of the first public football figures to join the cryptocurrency movements and headed to Malta to support a good cause.

Carlos was talking at a press conference organised by the online casino in collaboration with the charitable paediatric cancer organisation Puttinu Cares.  The famous footballer, an ambassador for the casino, was in Malta to sign several merchandise items to be auctioned off during the 15th edition of the annual three-day Puttinu Cares football marathon. He also made a significant donation on behalf of LUCKY.io.

“When you do what you love doing, you don’t need to force it – you simply do it and before you realise you’re good enough to do it professionally. And then there’s no limit. You will never stop, because you’re doing what you love, right?”* the footballer noted, passionately.

The LUCKY.IO project is run by an established international casino, which aims to bring a fresh perspective into the industry. According to earlier announcements, the token will be distributed amongst some of the early adopters before being available to the wider public. It is yet to be announced if the token will be available to buy, or will simply be given away to those who sit at the core of the iGaming community.

This would allow the house to have more flexibility around the whole economy, moving away from a loss gambling while adopting decentralisation element together with the other blockchain-based features such as voting systems and transparency with anonymity. It will also mean that gamers will be able to play internationally without having to deal with a bank transfers and deposits, allowing for easy withdrawals and transactions.

“We can proove that the world doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game where there are winners and losers. Here at LUCKY.io we want to make sure everyone wins”, says Yelena Kensborn, head of HR and Community at LUCKY.IO.

In fact, LUCKY.IO has already been given perks to the early community, which is growing at an incredible pace on social media. To thank those who have been with the project right from the start, LUCKY.IO has been giving away 77 LUCK tokens per person to the first few 100 who register on the website, as well as a chance to win a further 777 tokens (terms and conditions apply).

The football player from Brazil is considered to be one of the best left-backs ever. He grew up in a family with little financial resources and had to work during his childhood. To the delight of the children, and their doting parents, Carlos then went on to have a kick about with them.

LUCKY.io CEO Halvor Dahl spoke about the aim behind his casino, which works in cryptocurrency, is to change the industry. He admitted, it was “not easy to explain what we’re trying to do because it has never been done before” but went on to stress that this is how people can come together in a new way – from various different backgrounds […] and that this is what blockchain and cryptocurrency are all about.”

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