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The Moonshine Cowgirl Who Is Now Brewing a Disruptive Payment Method for a $26B Industry

Last Updated April 21, 2023 4:44 AM
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Last Updated April 21, 2023 4:44 AM
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“This will knock your socks off!” Jessica Contreras said, barely able to see over the counter of a local store in Mexico where she would sell her grandmother’s homemade moonshine — called Bacanora.

If we fast forward to a more recent time, we will witness Ms. Contreras purchasing a pallet of tequila partially using her own cryptocurrency; truth be told, Jessica has always been about providing innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Her venture The ACLYD Project is initially focused on revolutionizing payment processing for the $26 billion wholesale-alcohol industry, which nowadays relies primarily on checks and a slow, outdated fintech system that lacks transparency.

The Solution

“I have to wait weeks for a check to be processed for payment, while crypto can reduce this time to seconds; if there are people who cannot understand how unlocking millions of dollars (currently tied up in an outdated-payment system) can produce value, then I don’t know what world they are living in.”

“Additional benefits are added through transparency. The industry employs hundreds of individuals to check supplies within the channel, this could be traced back easily using the ACLYD token and Blockchain technology; on top of this, the fastest growing segment of my industry is home delivery of alcohol, which is strictly regulated in an effort to prevent minors from purchasing. We have this figured out as well, why not making use of the KYC process that users must comply with in order to establish a digital wallet? this function will provide the people delivering alcohol with the required knowledge about the client’s age.”


“I’m extremely uncomplicated about my approach, I think that the crypto industry could benefit from more usage and that consumers must see tangible value in Blockchain and its ability to displace middlemen within the financial industry.” says Ms. Contreras.

Project Team and Token Sale Status

aclyd with a rocket

The Aclyd Project team  is the dream team of cryptocurrencies, having the experience of three ICO Bench Experts and the diversity of ethnic groups from various walks of life.

The Aclyd Project has launched the beta MVP wallet on testnet. Jessica’s simplified-scientific approach is reflected on the consumer side, for which purchases of the product are conducted with an automated token handling on each transaction; the consumer simply buys what they came for, currency conversions to ACLYDs are seamlessly carried on the back-end so that product prices remain consistent, even though the token price may fluctuate. An uncomplicated approach to a complex issue.

The Aclyd Project ICO blew through its soft cap rather quickly, which is noteworthy in today’s challenging ICO market. Their crowdsale is now live and they have raised $2.4 million all from investors based outside of the US.

To learn more about the project, visit https://www.aclyd.com 

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