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Thank God Donald Trump Lost, The World is Relieved

Last Updated November 9, 2020 12:05 AM
CCN Staff
Last Updated November 9, 2020 12:05 AM

There’s much you can say about Donald Trump. As an alien, I just briefly lived in Seattle as an exchange student in 2007; I am not an American. My country looks at the USA as our closest ally. We love American culture, we listen to American music, watch American movies and series, and enjoy American food. We are more than normal interested in what’s going on in the USA, and we get daily news updates from America.

We have awarded multiple American Presidents the Nobel Peace Prize, lastly Barack Obama. We have a strong democracy with multiple political parties that must work in tandem to get things done. We have a strong social state but a free market. We got universal health care coverage, free higher education, and what we see as a just and objective free press.

America has been our beacon of light. We admire the US. When asked, we join the US in global wars – even if we don’t always agree as a nation. We join the US in sanctioning countries, companies, and persons.

In the last four years under Donald Trump, our trust in the USA has weathered away slowly. All the lies, all the hate rhetoric, divide the American nation and the worldwide community. All the negativity that Donald Trump has poured over its closest allies and heads of states. The US’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, the World Health Organization, and the threat of pulling the USA out of NATO.

While many Americans might not care about other countries, other countries do exist. Other countries do not forget. Some countries might even not forgive.

The power the United States had over its allies and enemies during the past decades is now at a minimal low thanks to Donald Trump. Nations in the European Union have, in multiple cases, disagreed with the US on multiple issues the past four years. Most noticeable with the sanctions over Iran and the nuclear deal initiated by Barack Obama. It has become more common to disagree with the US direction than to agree with it under Donald Trump’s presidency. And now I’m talking about the US’ closest allies, not its enemies.

That’s why I am so relieved the Donald Trump era is over for this time. Even as a Norwegian, I have been stressed out by the many insane tweets and comments made by Donald Trump. And that by itself is absurd.

My children were born under the Trump regime, and now they can grow up and develop under Biden’s – and hopefully more understanding and uniting presidents in the coming years. No matter if it is a Democrat or Republican.

Norway has cooperated greatly with Democratic and Republican presidents, like Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton. We want America to succeed. We depend on America to succeed. Instead of fighting domestically, we need to look at the world problems facing humanity. Our future depends on it.

America must heal. America must find back to constructive discussions. America must eliminate all the fake news and conspiracies that have exploded during Trump’s time at the Oval Office. Trust the major news sources in the US and abroad, don’t engage in the news you find on social media.

The World wishes you all the prosper you can get America.