Tfue, Fortnite
Turner Ellis Tenney, also known as Tfue is taking a break from streaming. | Source: Photo by Johannes EISELE / AFP

Professional Fortnite player and Twitch streamer Tfue announces that he is taking a break from streaming. Tfue’s announcement comes just a week after he caused controversy by saying the n-word during a Minecraft stream.

On Twitter, Tfue told fans that he would be “taking some time off streaming.” The Fortnite player didn’t say how long he would be away from Twitch, but did explain that although he has “everything” he could ask for in life, for some reason he is “not happy lately.” In a third tweet, Tfue prompted concern from fans, saying that “I feel trapped in a negative crawl space in my mind.”

Tfue ‘Feels Trapped’ and Isn’t Happy

Tfue time off streaming tweets

The tweets also prompted a huge number of supportive tweets from his fans. One user named Ranger said “take a break” if only for a week as it “helps a ton” while fellow streamer Gubba told the Fortnite player to “do some yoga” as a way for him to relax. Others told Tfue to keep his head up and to enjoy the time away from Twitch, also saying that his 2.2 million Twitter followers and 6.9 million Twitch followers would be there when he comes back.

It’s unclear if Tfue’s decision to take a break from Twitch is because of his racial slur controversy. Tfue used the n-word in a Minecraft stream and was then caught trying to hide the evidence by deleting the VOD of the stream which would stop people from creating a clip of it that could be easily shared. Some also suggested that as Tfue has been banned from Twitch twice before, if he was given another ban for using the n-word, he could be permanently banned from Twitch.

Whatever the reason for Tfue’s break and his unhappiness, it is positive to see so many people hoping that he feels better soon.

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