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Supporting with Five Highlights, the New Generation of ColdLar Wallet Pro 3 Shocked Release

Last Updated April 21, 2023 1:53 AM
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Last Updated April 21, 2023 1:53 AM
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The new generation of ColdLar Wallet Pro 3 has been released, which makes a great step to becoming the Guardian for the Blockchain Assets.

Most of the experienced customers of cryptocurrency circle have known about ColdLar Wallet for a long time. However, the beginners also can understand its concept through this article.

ColdLar Wallet is not only an intelligent hardware cold wallet product but also a full set of secure storage solutions for blockchain assets. ColdLar Wallet adopts the ideal of “Dimension Reduction Protection”, and it is composed of cold end wallet device and hot end APP. The cold end is a hardware device, which looks like a cell phone without requiring a network connection, mainly responsible for building transactions and signing transactions. And the hot end APP needs to connect to a network with broadcast transactions and query balances as its main tasks. The unique structure of “Hardware Device Plus Mobile App” ensures that the private key will never connect to the network. The full set solution transmits the encrypted information by encrypted two-dimensional code or NFC, which can guarantee the absolute security of transactions.

The security storage solution of ColdLar is based on the security structure of ColdLar wallet. And it takes the secure storage and algorithm of the private key as its core, as well as relies on the strong research and development capability of ColdLar, for completely isolating the hacker attacks.

Both the cold end and hot end system of ColdLar Wallet support simplified Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean language environment. It also features a 13-megapixel camera and supports the function of fingerprint unlock. Furthermore, ColdLar Wallet can be easily recharged by its Type-C interface and it owns the multi-signature function, as well as automatically obtains the most favorable network service charge.


It is worth mentioning that ColdLar Wallet Pro 3 not only has significant advantages in convenience and security but also owns the following 5 unique highlights.

  • The information transmission becomes safer and more convenient with its built-in NFC communication technology.

Near field communication transmission (NFC), in ColdLar Wallet, is based on the supporting of the original encrypted two-dimensional code scanning and transmission. Through NFC, the structured transactions will be fast synchronized to blockchain by lightly posting the hardware wallet and mobile phone. So that, it greatly improves the efficiency of large-volume transactions, especially for blockchain miners, which makes them no longer have to manually scan hundreds of pages of two-dimensional codes.

  • It fully supports EOS ecology adding EOS, ACT, IPC, and GOD.

ColdLar Wallet Pro 3 adds the functions of supporting the four major currencies, including EOS, ACT, IPC and GOD. It fully supports the EOS ecosystem and the multi-signature management of BTC and LTC, etc. a variety of assets. So far, ColdLar Wallet has supported the mainstream cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, BCH, BTG, DASH, XRP, XEM, DOGE, ZCASH, EOSSBTC, BCX, BCD, and QTUM, as well as fully supports all the ERC20-TOKEN.

  • Its safety is even better with the upgrading of seed code generation algorithm.

ColdLar Wallet Pro 3 pioneers the gathering environmental information as an entropy source and it ensures the randomness and uniqueness of the seed code, which also tremendously upgrades the code strength. Moreover, each hardware wallet can be verified by two-dimensional code so as to monitor the circulation of products, for avoiding fleeing, fake products and other phenomena. All of the above can make users feel more secure.

  • Its upgrading of software and hardware upgrade results in the comprehensive promotion of user experience.

ColdLar Wallet Pro 3 adopts brand new fuselage material with the fruity and comfortable feel. And its black minimalist style can bring users the apple-level product experience both in the aspects of visual and hands-on.

  • It meets the users’ needs with the intimate detail design.

It expects that ColdLar Wallet Pro 3 will be a hardware cold wallet product for better understanding the users. And it also has a meticulous and intimate design in the aspect of use detail. For example, in order to facilitate users to manage wallet, it allows them to set the account name according to their preferences. Moreover, its features such as the NFC waking APP, lighting up the screen, are convenient and efficient too. The users can set the time of cold end synchronously by manual or scanning.

Since establishment, ColdLar Wallet has been focusing on the asset safety management of the blockchain. In the meanwhile, it also actively embraces the changes of the blockchain market, and constantly stimulates itself according to the new requirements and targets of the market, from the perspective of user needs. We can see that the new generation of ColdLar Wallet Pro 3 has added the NFC function and EOS ecology, which fully verify its accurate understanding of market trends. There can be no doubt that ColdLar Wallet will be the leader in the industry of blockchain hardware wallet.

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