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Super Mario Maker 2 is getting a free update later this week that will include loads of content, but will we ever get a new 2D Mario game? | Source: Nintendo
  • Nintendo is releasing a free content update for Super Mario Maker 2.
  • The update adds new items, enemies, and Link to the game.
  • With free content updates like this, will we ever see a new 2D Mario game again?

A new Super Mario Maker 2 update is coming soon, and it will bring loads of free content to players when it launches.

The Super Mario Maker 2 Update Includes New Enemies

The update for the Nintendo Switch game will be dropping on Dec. 5.

It brings two “new” enemies from old Mario games: Spike and Pokey. These baddies will also get additional changes depending on the level type.

Super Mario Maker 2 Update Shows Nintendo Never Needs Another 2D Mario Game
Old enemies from previous Super Mario Bros. games are making a comeback. | Source: Nintendo/YouTube

As far as new course parts go, there’s now a Frozen Coin object coming to the game. Creators will also be able to make use of the P Block and the Dash Block to mix up level designs.

Another change to the game is the introduction of a speedrunning mode. This will let players compete to see who can complete courses fastest. There are also special rewards for those that do well in this game style.

Gamers Will Also Be Able to Play as Link

Finishing up the collection of new content in Super Mario Maker 2 is the Master Sword. This will transform the player into Link from The Legend of Zelda series.

Super Mario Maker 2 Update Shows Nintendo Never Needs Another 2D Mario Game
Link’s addition completely changes how the game is played. | Source: Nintendo/YouTube

Turning into Link is comparable to the Amiibo costumes in the first Super Mario Maker. The difference here is that this time, he comes with his own move set and equipment. That includes various sword attacks – such as the downward thrust – as well as a shield, bow, and arrows.

There Hasn’t Been a New 2D Non-Mario Maker Game Since 2013

The Super Mario Maker 2 update is great for gamers, but it does beg one question. Does Nintendo ever plan to release a regular 2D Super Mario Bros. game again?

Sure, Nintendo Switch owners got New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe earlier this year, but that’s a port of a Wii U game. It isn’t an entirely new entry in the series.

Moreover, New Super Mario Bros. U on Wii U was the last time a new 2D Mario game came out. That was way back in 2012 for the original and 2013 for the New Super Luigi U variant.

Super Mario Maker 2 Update Shows Nintendo Never Needs Another 2D Mario Game
A port of News Super Mario Bros. U hardly counts as a new game. | Source: Nintendo

The continued support of Super Mario Maker 2 and the port of New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe seems to suggest Nintendo has no interest in making an original 2D Mario game any time soon.

Honestly, who can blame it?

Super Mario Maker 2 provides a massive toolset allowing creators to make their own Mario courses. All Nintendo has to do is keep these free content updates coming out, and the community will do the rest.

It may be disappointing to some longtime fans, but as long as Nintendo is updating Super Mario Maker 2, there’s no need for a new 2D Mario game.

This article was edited by Josiah Wilmoth.

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