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Stephen A. Smith Dropping Truth Bombs on the UFC Upsets Joe Rogan

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:31 PM
David Cullinan
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:31 PM
  •  Stephen A. Smith was less than complimentary about UFC legend Cowboy Cerrone.
  •  He referred to Cerrone’s losing effort against Conor McGregor as ‘atrocious’.
  •  Joe Rogan didn’t see Smith’s outburst as a positive for the sport.

Joe Rogan is a confident alpha-male. The hilarious comic and UFC personality isn’t afraid to call out the “weepy, sandy vaginas” and the “toxic lefties” of the world.

Joe Rogan, Bernie Sanders, UFC

He fits this persona so well that his recent endorsement of Bernie Sanders sent the U.S. left into a tailspin. Hand-wringing aplenty has taken place as this “transphobic bigot” dared pin his flag to the mast of Sanders ship.

I’m an MMA fan, I think I know what Joe Rogan is all about. As a result, I find his reaction to ESPN’s resident yelling head Stephen A. Smith’s evaluation of the Conor McGregor vs. Cowboy Cerrone fight amusing.

Joe Rogan holds MMA athletes to a different standard and believes you should too

For those who missed it, Smith had described Cowboy’s performance as “disgusting.” 

Here’s the deal: 15 seconds in, ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone was done. He got hit with those shoulders in the clinch, and he was done. It looks like he gave up. It was just an atrocious performance on his part.

Is it surprising to hear Stephen A. Smith go off on Cerrone in this way? It’s what he does.

He’s ripped Colin Kaepernick, Odell Beckham Jr, and Phil Jackson, to name just a few, and If those types of names are fair game, then surely Cerrone should be as well?


Not according to Joe Rogan .

Despite years of the UFC coveting recognition as a “legit sport” alongside the NFL, MLB, and NBA on sports television, it seems that Rogan believes fighters should be treated differently to other athletes.

For Conor to smash ‘Cowboy’ like that in front of his wife, his kid, his grandma, and the whole world. You’ve got to have some respect for that man, and this sport demands a different perspective. It’s not the same thing as a ball going into a hoop. It’s not the same thing as crossing a line with a football. It’s different.

The UFC and Rogan can’t have it both ways

Sorry Joe, but Cowboy’s performance was terrible, and as a professional athlete he’s subject to the same scrutiny and criticism as any other sportsman or woman who underperforms. His family being in attendance makes not a bit of difference.

The UFC can’t crave the limelight, thumping its chest when it scores a lucrative TV deal with a legit sports broadcaster only to wilt and cry when one of their fighters gets a verbal bashing from someone who bashes people for a living.

Joe Rogan should be happy that ESPN cares enough to send a major hitter like Smith to the event at all, and Cerrone should take it as a badge of honor as well. Having someone of the caliber of Stephen A. Smith ripping you a new one means that you’re relevant.

Rogan claiming that Smith’s tirade against Cerrone is “a bad look for the sport” is laughable, especially since we’re talking about a company that showcased a former pro wrestler with zero combat sports ability when they threw CM Punk onto a PPV in 2016.

His claim that Smith isn’t the type of person that belongs in MMA is ridiculous. Stop crying, Joe, and just enjoy basking in Stephen A’s spotlight for a bit.

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