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Sociall: The Decentralized Social Network Protecting the Privacy of Users in an Uncertain Age

Last Updated May 4, 2023 9:34 AM
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Last Updated May 4, 2023 9:34 AM

Facebook Data Scandal Fuels Privacy Fears and Demands a Solution

Facebook was recently hit with a scandal when news broke that it had exposed the private information of 50 million users to a political consulting firm that was then “weaponized” on behalf of the 2016 Trump presidential campaign,

The reaction among users was pure outrage when it was first leaked that their data has been compromised for political gain. It’s sparked reactions from many, including regulators calling for an investigation into the matter.

It’s also seemed to created a renewed interest in Facebook alternatives, a demand Sociall  is trying to meet with a blockchain-based approach to social media.


Users lose privacy protections in current social media age

Current social media activity primarily occurs on centralized channels, such as Facebook and YouTube, that claim ownership of data published on it, often sharing it with third parties that mine it for commercial reasons.

This essentially means private information going through these platforms does not stay private, nor do users own this data — as they give up ownership rights to any and all information when they create an account on it.

Enter Sociall, The Decentralized Social Network Leveraging Blockchain Tech

Sociall  wants to fundamentally change this dynamic by giving more power back to the users. They plan to give them more control over their privacy, with all data and content being kept within an encrypted decentralized storage solution.

Indeed, in 2019, Sociall plans to move data storage to IPFS , a distributed, peer-to-peer protocol, allowing for further storage decentralization.

The Sociall  project will be fueled by blockchain technology, a fact that will allow it to be both inherently more transparent, secure, and privacy centric, This is given that the blockchain acts as a public ledger open to everyone and cryptographically secures all information processed through it.

In addition, Users will utilize a native currency, called SCL, to pay for goods and services on the platform .

Jade Mulholland, Founder and CEO of Sociall commented on the platform’s role in transforming the social media environment given recent events, stating:

“At Sociall.io, it is our intention to provide an adequate response and solution to recent challenges affecting social networks. To this end, we are building a secure and decentralized social network. Sociall encrypts all data and multimedia uploads, and stores it securely all over the world, making it completely decentralized.”

About Social

Social is a decentralized social media solution that leverages blockchain technology and uses its native token, called SCL, to incentivize peer-to-peer human engagement on the platform.

The platform is private and discourages search engines from viewing user profiles or displaying them in search results.

Visit their official website Herehttps://sociall.io/