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Snapcard Enables Cryptocoin Equality

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM
Neal Rauhauser
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM
Snapcard POS Terminal
Snapcard POS Terminal

While Bitcoin has a high value per unit and universal acceptance for those who do any Cryptocoin transactions, there are a few others which have gained enough of a following to have escaped experimental status. Snapcard  makes accepting Dogecoin and Litecoin simple, and they also support settlement service provider Ripple. Today they’ve released a set of plugins for both Wordpress and Woo Commerce .

Phillip Kim, a marketing analyst at Snapcard, had this to say regarding their views on the cryptocoin acceptance market.

A major problem hindering mainstream adoption is the complexity of the technology. People are reluctant to use something they don’t understand, and the information they find on the internet is still not simple enough. In fact, we’ve found that the complexity of the information out there scares a lot of people away. We want to make it as simple and user-friendly as possible for people to adopt digital currencies.

The plugins have been released with a GPL v3 free software license and they are available on the Snapcard Github. Open software is safer software thanks to many sets of eyes reviewing it and support is present for the Bower  web package manager, easing implementation for Wordpress site developers.

Snapcard came at the initial growth problem in a very different fashion than most online payment processors, literally wearing out shoes running the streets of San Francisco, setting up service for coffee shops, restaurants, and other businesses that depend on tourist foot traffic.

Snapcard’s IntegrateSF Will Add 500 New Merchants

Kim had this to say regarding their experiences with local small businesses:

We’ve spoken with many small business owners whose knowledge on cryptocurrencies is very limited. Because they had only heard stories of people misusing cryptocurrencies for shady business and no one could explain the benefits to them, they were afraid to adopt.

The original three dozen early adopters are getting a lot of new friends in the cryptocoin acceptance realm thanks to Snapcard’s IntegrateSF , which aims to bring to the total five hundred merchants. Kim says they don’t have any bed & breakfast or hotel customers yet, but with hundreds of shops signing up it won’t be too much longer before you’ll be able to take a weekend getaway in San Francisco using nothing but Snapcard.

The Snapcard signup process itself is very smooth, with the sole exception that the phone number box won’t take dashes in the number, and the resulting error message could be a little clearer. The system offers an opportunity to select a bank account as a destination, or just leave your funds in a combined wallet that stores each currency in its original form. There is an SMS based two-factor authentication method which can be enabled, but this was not offered during the signup process. Snapcard’s commitment to Wordpress is clearly visible with the ‘menu at the upper left’ layout used to control the system.

Snapcard enters the growing payment processing market from the unique perspective of having ‘tunneled up’ by starting local, mastering a puzzle that most other service providers are just beginning to consider. The next big question is how they will package their experience with local business so that franchises start to spring up in other large cities.

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Images from Snapcard and Shutterstock.