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Skywire Mainnet: Skycoin Heralds Public Release

Last Updated March 30, 2023 7:34 AM
Last Updated March 30, 2023 7:34 AM

With blockchain companies everywhere aiming to empower their platforms’ users, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Skycoin  is hoping to do just that with its Skywire application , and the Skycoin development team have now unveiled the developer version, with the announcement made just days ago in Shanghai. This gives developers the capability to download, install, build and run the Skywire mainnet via the command line interface. Skywire’s creators have also stated that during the next few weeks full documentation for the developer release will be made available.

What is Skywire Mainnet?

Skywire is Skycoin’s flagship product  and, according to its creators, is a decentralized community-driven mesh network’ that allows users to actually own and control the network’s infrastructure themselves. The stated goal of Skywire is to provide access to fast, secure and reliable internet for all.

Skycoin – The Third Generation

Skycoin describes itself as a third-generation blockchain company’ and the most advanced blockchain application platform in the world’. The company has its finger in many pies, boasting its own chain, consensus algorithm (Obelisk), programming language and hardware. Skycoin was born in 2011  from a merger of three separate projects that each aimed to improve on Bitcoin’s design and implementation. The Skycoin team identified several major design issues with Bitcoin that they felt were hampering the wider global acceptance of cryptocurrency as a secure, censorship-proof payment system. Skywire was created to address these issues.

Testing Period Complete

Skycoin has recently completed roughly ten months’ intensive testing of the developer version of its Skywire mainnet  using a global network of almost 10,000 nodes. Now available to the public, it went live on March 4th, 2019. According to company publicity material, Skywire’s mainnet has been completely rewritten from scratch. Its primary focus is as a platform to facilitate the development of the next generation of decentralized apps  (dapps). The complete range of existing apps have been rewritten and optimized to take full advantage of the mainnet. These include a distributed secure chat appSSH, and a multi-hop tunneling proxy app. Many more are in the pipeline. Skywire’s creators claim this mainnet developer build is just the first of many releases, with Skycoin rolling out a series of new versions and features over the next few months.

New Features Promised

The following features are under development:


  •      New user-friendly UI lets developers/users interact with the mainnet
  •      Bandwidth monetization allows users to earn Coin Hours via bandwidth-sharing
  •      Coin Hours bank
  •      Private Skycoin transactions via CoinJoin
  •      Remote management of unlimited nodes
  •      Distributed data storage by combining the CXO protocol with Skywire

Big Claims, Big Plans

Skycoin claim the initial release of the Skywire mainnet represents a huge milestone for Skycoin and for the future of the Internet.’ The company is touting its platform as a solid and secure distributed network immune to censorship . If Skycoin continues to evolve its innovative products – increasing its presence as it does so – it may be able to make good on its claims and take centre stage in what is a crowded and competitive sector.

To learn more about Skycoin visit the website , read the whitepaper  and follow Skycoin on Twitter .

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