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Katy Perry Talks Bitcoin with Warren Buffett, Tells 175 Million Followers About it

Rebecca Campbell
Last Updated March 4, 2021 5:02 PM

American pop singer and songwriter, Katy Perry recently took some time out of singing to sit down with Warren Buffett to find out his thoughts on bitcoin.

The ‘Swish Swish’ singer posted a curious photo  on her Instagram account recently. There, her 68 million followers saw the moment Perry met the Berkshire Hathaway CEO where she had the opportunity to hear his views on the digital currency market.

‘nbd asking Warren Buffett his thoughts on cryptocurrency,’ the singer wrote in her post, which was also sent out  to her nearly 110 million Twitter followers. What he said regarding the topic is unknown, however, Buffet is known for his outspoken remarks relating to bitcoin.

As one of the world’s richest men and a well-known value investor, Buffett has criticised the digital currency market in the past, in particular, bitcoin. As early as 2014, the ‘Oracle of Omaha,’ was reported as saying that people should ‘stay away from it,’ claiming that it was a mirage and ‘just a joke.’

Last month, Buffett once again remarked on the cryptocurrency, this time arguing that the price of bitcoin is a ‘real bubble,’ adding that he wasn’t optimistic about the potential of initial coin offerings (ICOs) either. At the time, he said:

You can’t value bitcoin because it’s not a value-producing asset.

At the time of Perry’s discussion with Buffett, the digital currency market is experiencing a massive surge in value, soaring to $327.2 billion, at the time of publishing. This has been greatly pushed along by bitcoin’s rising price, which is currently trading at $10,779. The highest it has reached, to date, is over $11,000.

Yet, the fact that Perry has posted a photo of her meeting with Buffett to talk about the digital currency market, could mean that it’s further cementing its foray into the mainstream. With nearly 110 million Twitter followers and 68 million on Instagram, Perry may possibly be opening up a new way of transacting to millions of potential investors who are keen to follow the lives of celebrities.

Rather than listening to a stuffy Wall Street banker about the benefits that this technology has, they’ll be more likely to take on board what a celebrity has to say about it. This, in turn, could help boost the price of bitcoin up as a new wave of investors start turning to it.

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