Rothschild Advises United Kingdom Government to Sell Royal Bank of Scotland

June 23, 2015 12:42 PM UTC

N M Rothschild have been at the heart of advising the UK Government on the RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) sale. The RBS was rescued by the taxpayer several years ago to the tune of £45.8bn. Now, the shares that the government owns, allegedly on behalf of its people, are being sold off at a £7bn loss to private investors.

It has been revealed, not too publicly, however, that the esteemed and noble house of Rothschild have advised the government to sell now and sell cheap. You won’t find the mainstream media reporting on Rothschild involvement in this.

“Independent Advice.” Is how the mainstream media shapes it. For it is taboo in mainstream media to mention the name of the mighty and great Rothschild.

Letter from the Chief Executive of Rothschild to the Chancellor;

1. By starting to sell, the government will increase the free float which should in turn improve the marketability of the remainder of its shareholding. This will enable the government to execute larger sales on better terms than would otherwise have been the case;

2. We believe that sending a strong signal that RBS is on the road to recovery and that its reprivatisation has begun may also bring further benefits to the bank and therefore to the taxpayer as shareholder;

3. Market conditions for financial assets and bank shares are currently good;

4. We believe that the current price of RBS shares reasonably reflects its future prospects based on its current strategy and the risks associated with this being achieved; and

5. We believe that RBS is ready to be sold and do not believe that there are other reasons that would preclude a share sale in the short term (i.e. in the next 12 months) or render it poor value for money for the taxpayer

You might have heard the name, probably if you operate within the financial world outside the traditional legacy sector. If you operate in the traditional sector, then you probably have not heard the name.

They learned early in the 20th Century that power is best held from the shadows, and the play of the marionette is best perform through the curtains of illusion.

Not hearing about this from many, if any, sources. You might be led to believe that the mainstream media are forbidden to talk about such news. Let us wait and see which mainstream media outlets mention the advice on “sell now, sell cheap.” and whether they can uncover the recipients of the cheap RBS shares.

Such little bits of information as how the sale of RBS is being made at a loss to the government and by extension, the people of the UK. And that this sale is being made to private financiers who remain anonymous, is arguably not public enough.

The shares are being sold off to major City (of London) institutions. I do not think you need to guess hard to find out where the Rothschild financial centre is? And Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, fully supported and encouraged this sale at a loss for the UK government.

And who owns the majority Bank of England? And, therefore, pulls the strings of Mr Carney. Not many people could tell you that one, as the banks pride themselves on their anonymity.

Note: I could find no sources of information as to which specific Institutions were doing the buying of the RBS shares.

The Guardian reports that;

Rothschild concludes that RBS shares may never return to their pre-crisis levels and the current share price “fairly reflects the fundamental value of the bank”.

And to be fair, Rothschild might be right. If even after creating £375 billion to dump into the financial markets to bolster the UK housing bubble and the stock market, RBS shares are remarkably still going to be sold at a loss.

Arguably, most would agree that Governments should seek expert advice before embarking on something so extreme, of this I am in agreement with.

Yet when the advice comes from sources that are quite likely going to benefit, and with cheap shares, then the advice is suspect and what is going on the surface is not all that is going on, potential conflicts of interest arise.

It is not like the noble Rothschilds have ever fiddled governments to buy cheap shares ever before, they would never do such a thing.

The UK investment in Royal Bank of Scotland Rothschild report can be found here. You can find this report and the accompanying letter via the HM Treasury site, you won’t find this information reported in the mainstream, so it is up to you to remember and to tell others.


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