Ross Ulbricht Silk Road Trial Judge Facing Death Threats on Dark Net

October 20, 2014 23:00 UTC

The federal judge in charge of the tremendous Silk Road trial has been facing several online threats revealed during the previous days. The Darknet has posted leaked personal information and calls to “swat” her home.

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Dissatisfied with the judge’s rejection of the arguments put forward by Ulbricht’s defense , who argued that the FBI unlawfully penetrated into Silk Road servers, Darknet users have taken the initiative to create an underground web page in the form of a Wiki, dedicated to the New York judge. The Wiki’s visitors are openly encouraged by its anonymous creator to contribute by editing it with details related to the judge and her relatives, a process also known as “doxing:”

Katherine Bolan Forrest is the judge who is unfairly ruining Ross Ulbricht’s life and chance for a fair trail. In case you are unaware of her, she was the Judge who “Rejected Every Defense Argument In The Silk Road Trial”.For right now just steal her identity and send her gifts in the mail. Expect phone numbers and relatives SSNs and complete doxes in a future release.

Silk Road Judge’s Personal Information Leaked

Several details have already been published: social security number, latest known addresses, among other things, as shown in the following screenshot. For the obvious sake of the mentioned person’s privacy, the details were blurred.

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This collection of information was quickly followed by calls for elevated harrassment, like the swatting technique that involves a hoax phone-in tip to send SWAT police forces to one’s home under false pretenses. Such behavior revives the debate over the darkest corners of the Darknet, which critics regularly claim are involved with child pornography websites, drugs trafficking  and even killing contracts that can be bought using bitcoin.

The trial of the alleged founder of the “Ebay for drugs,” scheduled to begin in early 2015,  promises to be eventful.

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