Roma, Aged 1 Day, Has Her Video Birth Certificate Notarized on the Blockchain

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November 9, 2015 11:43 AM UTC

Roma Siri, a baby girl born today has had her birth certificate notarized on the block chain.

The potential of block chain’s many applications transcends finance and general industry and today’s example of the notarization of the birth certificate of a new born baby goes to prove it.

While paperwork-based documents are predominantly the only source of authorization or proof of evidence to this day, the medium is and always has been unreliable and time-consuming. Physical documents may get misplaced and routinely take ages to go through the notions of an administrative process, especially when it is an official document filing through government tables.

Blockchain technology swats aside such hurdles with the potential to make paperwork-based filing solutions antiquated in the near future. Blockchain serves as a decentralized ledger that is completely transparent and incorruptible. As a bookkeeping record, it can be devised to record anything of value including educational degrees, titles and deeds to confirm ownership, votes, transactions and even birth and death certificates.

Electronics giant Philips has recently made inroads into bringing blockchain technology to healthcare. MegaUpload’s owner talked up plans of creating a blockchain-based peer-to-peer internet. A developer is readying a secure and open-source voting machine that uses the block chain to record votes in time for the upcoming 2016 U.S. Presidential elections. Every vote entered will be recorded and continuously verified to ensure the block chain ledger’s integrity.

A Blockchain Notarized Birth

Tapping into the technology, Santiago Siri, a San-Francisco resident has notarized his daughter’s video birth certificate with the blockchain using ProofOfExistance, a service that allows users to hash documents, videos or other content with a bitcoin transaction in the bitcoin blockchain.

Other users on Twitter took to congratulate the father and note the significance of the occasion.

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