Rob Gronkowski Is Trolling Everyone Now (Not Just the Patriots)

Rob Gronkowski has been trolling New England Patriots fans all year long. Now, he's trolling the rest of us too. | Source: Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images / AFP

  • Rob Gronkowski teased fans about a big announcement he is going to make on Tuesday via his Instagram account.
  • Patriots fans hope he is going to return to the NFL.
  • But after some comments Gronkowski made during the FOX Pregame show Sunday, they might need to worry even if he does mount a comeback.

Rob Gronkowski seems like the kind of guy we all want to be friends with. He is larger than life, tons of fun, and wildly charismatic. If you try to stereotype the former New England Patriots tight end as just another dumb athlete, well—you could not be more wrong.

Gronk is a smart guy. He knows people love him and wish he was playing football. Just about every time he makes an appearance, he talks about how he likes having that window open for him to return to the NFL.

Gronk teases fans with what they want to hear so that he can pitch them CBD. | Source: AP Photo/Corey Sipkin

Being the smart guy that he is, he knows what people hope to hear. So he keeps teasing them to make sure they keep listening—and then he starts pitching CBD oil or some other product.

It is masterful trolling from a marketing standpoint. But it is not nice—and it appears like Gronk may be doing it again.

The ‘Big Announcement’

Gronk is supposed to make some big announcement on Tuesday morning on his Instagram page. Video of him talking about it went viral Sunday morning:

The general perception is that it is going to relate to CBD oil or another one of his promotional endorsements, but the timing forces us to consider another possibility. His deadline to un-retire is coming up soon. If he were to return with the intent to help the Patriots (or someone else) in the postseason, it would make sense to come back a few weeks early to get back into game shape.

That would be great news for Patriots fans. When the video went viral, every media outlet in the Boston-area probably assigned someone to be watching Gronk’s Instagram page on Tuesday morning. After all, how great would it be to be the first outlet to break the news that Rob Gronkowski is returning to the NFL?

But what about the rest of the country?

This Is Where the Rob Gronkowski Troll Job Becomes Masterful

Gronk just gave every NFL fan a reason to watch his Instagram announcement, even if they think he’s just going to pitch CBD. | Source: AP Photo/Steven Senne

Every other media outlet is probably curious about his announcement, but since it doesn’t directly impact their local team, they have no reason to care—unless it does impact them.

During his Sunday morning appearance on the FOX Pregame show, Gronkowski alluded to potentially playing for any team—and specifically called out the Dallas Cowboys:

The Cowboys are probably happy with the job Jason Witten is doing this season. But Jerry Jones isn’t foolish enough to pass on Gronk. Any team that had the opportunity to sign him would be foolish not to.

And just like that, Gronk has made sure that every media outlet in the country and countless fans will be watching his Instagram page on Tuesday morning.

He is the troll master.

Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:16 PM

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