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Revolutionary Coop Promotes Bitcoin To Promote Social Change, Will Take Center Stage At London Art Fair

Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:45 PM

fork-the-banks-logoThe Moniker Art Fair  has teamed with Fork The Banks, a revolutionary cooperative of artists and techies, in promoting bitcoin, according to artdaily.com . The Moniker Art Fair will return to London’s Old Truman Brewery Oct. 15 to 18, 2015 and will be the first international art fair to accept bitcoin payments.

Fork The Banks, based in London, uses the bitcoin “B” in its “FTB” logo. Its motto is “99 Artists. 99 Musicians. 1 Currency.” Its website page features a picture of recent Greek street protests. Its YouTube video claims it seeks to unite artists and computer scientists looking to change status quo and it identifies bitcoin as its currency.

Art Fair: Progressive Force For Change

The Moniker Art Fair, now in its sixth year, views its collaboration with Fork The Banks as a way to strengthen its reputation as a progressive fair seeking social change. Fork The Bank’s “Renaissance is Now” installation focuses on global connectivity, decentralization and collaborative assumption. The “Renaissance is Now” installation will take center stage across a 50-foot wall and will convey a sense of hope in progressive social change.

With “Renaissance is Now,” part of the fair’s goal is to introduce bitcoin and its benefits to the public in addition to producing a visually stunning installation, according to Frankie Shea, director of Moniker Projects.

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London Nurtures Social Change

Moniker Art Fair will showcase approximately 20 national and international contemporary art galleries. The fair specializes in urban culture and its related genres.

The fair is expected to attract 14,000-plus visitors to London’s East End, forming a major event of the London Art Week, which is expected to draw 60,000 visitors.

The Old Truman Brewery is a hub of galleries, markets, independent shops, bars, restaurants and has a history of supporting artists and designers.

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