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Review: BitCrane T-110S Water Cooled 1 th/s ASIC Bitcoin Miner, Lower dB for Better Home Use

Scott Fargo
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM
BitCrane T-110S
BitCrane T-110S

BitCrane debuted with the T-110 water cooled Bitcoin ASIC miner earlier in the summer. The T-110 uses the Golden Nonce chips which BitCrane calls the UltraHoist Module. Each unit has 2 of these chips at a freq of 725 and uses a custom water cooling system to cool them. BitCrane has taken this design to another level with the T-110S that you might not expect. James Tsuei, the founder and CEO of BitCrane, stated that he wanted to bring mining back into the home in an interview with CCN.com earlier this year.

To achieve a bit of a different effect, BitCrane tuned the chips down to 675 and optimized the water cooling system to keep it cool yet quieter than the T-110. In doing the changes, they achieved a 1+ th/s Bitcoin miner that comes in at less than 55 dB at 4 feet during our testing. James was even suggesting that they are a good way to heat a room throughout the winter months, and he is right on that as it will do just that and not blow your ear drums while doing so.

BitCrane T-110

Speed: 1+ th/s
Chip Type: UltraHoist Module (Golden Nonce)
Controller Board: Cubie A10, Linux Embedded System, cgminer 4.3.3, custom interface, source available on GitHub

Water Cooling Block
Water Cooling Block

Power Consumption: <900W
Ambient Operating Temperature: 0C to 35C
Dimensions 42.5cm x 31.6cm x 16.6cm
EZ Stack™ multi-unit stack design
Network: 10/100 Ethernet Port
Cooling: CoolitIT ECO III-120FB Direct Contact Liquid Cooling System
Weight: 19.8 lbs.

The BitCrane T-110S arrived in a battered box and upon getting the miner out of the box there was no damage evident. When the T-110Swas powered on only one board was working. A quick look inside and it appeared that one of the USB cables that connect the hashing boards to the Cubie A10 was off. Putting the USB cable back in place, the T-110S started mining with no issues. The first thing that you will notice is it is only a bit louder than a space heater and much less noisy than a window A/C unit. The fans that draw the air in over the radiator are quieter and do a solid job of cooling the chips. The miner also pulls on average 911 watts at the wall and produces just over 1+ th/s both on the miner control panel itself and poolside. The T-110S is very efficient just like the T-110. The T-110S puts out quite a bit of heat as well making it a good space heater. Stacking with the BitCrane miners is simple with just a couple of screws to pop out a bit they fit snugly in the spaces on the miner below keeping them from sliding.

The BitCrane T-110 and T-110S Pool Side Results BTC Guild
The BitCrane T-110 and T-110S Pool Side Results BTC Guild

The BitCrane T-110S is an excellent addition to the BitCrane line. Its simple interface makes it easy for anyone to setup and run. The build quality is excellent. The heat is exhausted out the front and back while drawing air in the top. The unique water cooled system does a great job. Despite the rough handling during shipping there were no leaks. The only problem arose is the control panel stops working after a few minutes once booted up. The T-110S continued to mine with no issues during this. The issue was quickly cleared up with a simple re-imaging of the SD card. BitCrane support was fast and friendly with plenty of help and ready to ship out a new unit immediately if needed.

BitCrane T-110S and T-110 On NewEgg
BitCrane T-110S and T-110 On NewEgg

In the last couple months, BitCrane started selling the Bitcoin ASIC miner on NewEgg. James gave CCN.com a statement about that and what is coming in the very near future from them.

Bitcrane is now selling on NewEgg how has that being going and what did you have to do to get listed there?

NewEgg is a great platform for us. Especially in the sense that it allows us to reach out to a broader audience. The reach also helps with our efforts in introducing Bitcoin mining and the Bitcoin ecosystem in general to more people. The T-110/T-110S series are perfect products for beginners to get acquainted with Bitcoin mining from a hobbyist perspective as the units are the easiest miners to setup and operate.

Could you tell CCN.com how development has gone on your next set of miners?

We will soon be releasing (within the next few days) our next miner the T-720. The T-720 is a 7.2Th/s miner for more serious miners or mining operations to cope with the increasing network difficulty rate. We have been working with a new strategic ASIC partner on developing our next miner which we’ll be rolling out in November. Will keep you closely posted, and you’ll be the first to know when we make an announcement.

BitCrane is very serious in steadily building solid miners and getting them out to people. They are also working hard to keep mining in more people hands, and home as the drive to large scale centralized mining continues BitCrane bucks the trend with their goal. The BitCrane T-110S is definitely, and Bitcoin ASIC miner that both home users and larger installations will like. It is fast and powerful with an easy to use interface supported with great customer service.
CCN.com will bring you the news on the next steps from BitCrane and miners as they come out. Happy Mining.

What do you think about the BitCrane T-110S and BitCrane’s Future Plans, Join the Discussion In The Comments Section.

T-110S Cabling and Cooling
T-110S Cabling and Cooling
BitCrane T-110S
BitCrane T-110S