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August 16, 2015 4:47 PM

Reddit r/bitcoin Suffering XT Malaise


The XT schism is causing negative mood all over the Bitcoin ecosystem. The announcement pushed the bitcoin price over the edge, the XT big block agenda has the public harassing the Core developers to also upsize (is one XT not enough?) and now that tranquil discussion forum, r/bitcoin, has toppled into division as Mike Hearn and XT pulls more communities into its vortex of dissatisfaction.

r/bitcoin has become the scene of a popular uprising against dictatorship and censorship following a moderator’s decree that XT-talk was off-topic in the sub-reddit.

So Unfair

Every post, it seems is either an outcry against banning and censorship, or a morbid fascination with XT and its creator, the latter-day champion of those who have had it up to here with the oppressive small blocks that had been imposed upon them all these years.

The front page tells the story. Everything must go: the moderators, Bitcoin Core, decentralization… what else have you got?

It will be interesting to see how the winds of change affect the disgruntled r/bitcoin masses as the planned XT block size vote date approaches in February 2016. By that time the zeal may have worn off, or perhaps projected onto the next available hard fork event: Dogecoin Core XT!


More block space! More transactions! More adoption! More price chart rallies!

Dinner Time? Two Forks For Me, Thank You!

Still not getting the difference between a software code fork and a block chain hardfork, Agent Hearn had the following to say today about Bitcoin’s blocks:

I don’t think the position of “Bitcoin is open source but touching THESE parts is completely bogus” is reasonable.

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