Rand Paul Recruits Bitcoin Advocate Patrick Byrne as Tech Counsel

Randal Howard Paul, better known as Rand Paul, is a member of the Republican Party in the United Sates Senate. He currently holds the position of Senator for Kentucky.

His issues range through a range of subjects. He has often been vocal about auditing the Federal Reserve on numerous occasions. And Rand has not only been wanting to audit the Fed, but to take it apart and see what is going on.

“He’s claimed that the Fed is over-leveraged 80 to 1.” ~ Bloomberg.

And Rand Paul is the first presidential candidate to accept donations in bitcoin. These will be going towards his 2016 presidential bid. He has been pushing for less involvement from the government in businesses. And he wants to let innovation foster in a left alone environment and wants to open up competition in monopoly areas.

Rand Paul has recruited Patrick Bryne as one of his tech counsel members, announced by his tweet today (see below). With like-minded people working together the potential for block chain voting and a more inclusionary system might seem that little step closer. Though this is probably still years away.

Byrne has previously mentioned that he has been looking into a way for Overstock to issues shares using block chain technology. What other ideas might he have for political processes?

And this announcement comes just after Rand has announced his Silicon Valley part of his presidential campaign. Rand’s trip to Silicon Valley stands to catch him some serious voters and backing if he can pull it off.

His potential Silicon Valley endearment is a more likely prospect now that he has recruited his tech counsel, and bringing the cryptocurrency element in force to Silicon Valley.

Last modified: March 4, 2021 4:44 PM

Joel Dalais

Joel loves Bitcoin and Digital Currency. He holds a BSc (hons) in Criminology with Criminal Justice Studies and Sociology, contributes for Bitcoin Magazine, is an Ambassador for Coloured Coins, Software tester and Advises for GreenCoinX and MultiSigX, and is Director of IBWT ("In Bitcoin We Trust"), a Digital Currency Exchange.