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French Retailer Spills PS5 Price – But Don’t Believe the ‘Leak’ Just Yet

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:10 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:10 PM
  • French supermarket giant Carrefour has seemingly leaked PS5 pricing details ahead of an official announcement.
  • According to since modified listings, the standard PS5 will cost €499/¢499, and the digital-only version €399/$399.
  • These prices align with the more sensible PS5 pricing estimates we’ve heard so far.

With little left to complete the next-gen puzzle other than a long-awaited price reveal, Sony and Microsoft appear content to continue the game of pricing chicken. A new leak suggests Sony may have already settled on a price for its PS5 console, offering one of the more sensible estimates we’ve been privy to so far.

French supermarket giant Carrefour briefly listed the prices for both the digital-only and standard versions of PS5  as well as peripherals on its website earlier this week.

French retailer seemingly leaks PS5 pricing. | Source: Carrefour/PhonAndroid

We aren’t talking an obscure retailer, but a French retail powerhouse that stands as one of the major pre-order hubs for the French market and that is undoubtedly aware of Sony’s PS5 plans.

The details were swiftly wiped from the listings, suggesting the retailer shared more than it intended and boosting the notion that they are indeed official.

The ‘leak’ comes from French multinational retail giant Carrefour. | Source: Shutterstock.com

According to the listings, which were, of course, captured for posterity by eagle-eyed PS5 fans, the standard edition will retail for €499, while the disc-less version will cost €399. A quick conversion, and we land on roughly the same price in dollars and £449/£349 for those across the pond.

The Most Sensible PS5 Price Leak to Date

Although there’s no way to substantiate the prices ahead of Sony’s expected reveal later this month, they appear to make sense and align with estimated PS5 pricing ranging from $400 to $600.

$500 strikes a balance between what we’ll be seen as a relatively competitive price among potential owners and Sony not shouldering too much of a loss to ensure early adopters migrate to the console in large numbers.

Latest price leak aligns with estimates. | Source: PlayStation/Sony

Slashing the leak’s credibility are the prices associated with PS5 peripherals: they are all listed at €49.99. It’s safe to assume a DualSense controller, HD camera, and multimedia remote control won’t bear the same price. We’re more than likely looking at placeholders here. Whether price placeholders extend to the consoles is unclear.

Sony is widely expected to host yet another PS5-focused event this month. A Bloomberg report published today says Sony’s next big PS5 announcement is ‘tentatively’ penciled in for later this month  according to an anonymous source at PlayStation.