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Terrible PS5 Design Leak Is a Clear Joke for These 3 Reasons

Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:54 PM
Tiago Manuel
Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:54 PM

By CCN.com: Ps5 rumors have become an everyday thing now. We’ve got memory specs, then supposed processor and graphics capability rumors. The most interesting of them states that the PS5 is as powerful as an RTX 2080. This time we got a design leak. The thing is that instead of getting it from a random tweet, this leak comes from an official patent .

It’s V-shaped because it’s PSV. Clever right? – Something nobody said, ever. | Source 

The ps4 is the most successful console this generation with over 100 million units sold . It dominated not just because of its superior exclusives, but also because of it’s superior aesthetic. Part of it was a design that managed to be sleek and at the same time remain faithful to the classic Playstation look. A terrible design such as this one could hinder the next generation’s sales. Luckily, there are a few reasons we know this design won’t be the final one. And there are a lot of people not believing it either



1. This PS5 belongs in the ’90s

Trends do come back. We all know nostalgia is a thing. But in a world where the best design is what most resembles something apple would do, no way Sony is going to go with the polar opposite. Looks sell, and this looks even tackier than the original Xbox did in the early ’00s.


2. Too large and impractical

Consoles like the PS3 drew criticism for their size. Most players don’t have all that much spare space for consoles. Want to please gamers? Make a small console. Every console ends up having a slim version nowadays. The design also features an uneven number of what seems like USB ports, which also doesn’t make sense for a gaming console.

The V-shaped airways make an impression but are unnecessary. If consoles needed them, then all consoles from the past ten years would have them. Processors nowadays are just much easier to cool down than a few years ago, so this just doesn’t make sense for a home console.

Meaning it can only be one thing

3. It’s a developer kit

Dev kits are what the console makers give the game studios to program games for new consoles. They are prototype versions of the consoles that as such, might be under much more stress than the home versions, hence the crazy ventilation. Also, since not meant to be commercialized, their designs are historically massive and clunky.

PS4 devkit. | Source 

Surprisingly there are some people thinking this PS5 is the real deal. At least they agree with us on the part that it doesn’t look good.

Still, there are those who somehow like the design.

We’re hoping the real PS5 looks much better, like the design below ;)