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Proprietary Exchange Tokens: Why BCIO Is Not Just Another Utility Token

Last Updated April 14, 2023 9:43 AM
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Last Updated April 14, 2023 9:43 AM
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2019 will be a decisive year for the Blockchain industry as the world moves towards a friendlier Crypto environment with governments such as Korea, Singapore, and Switzerland paving the way for appropriate regulatory measures. Likewise, France is aiming to become a blockchain hub for entrepreneurs and investors alike, with a 30% flat tax regime possibly in the works. Blockchain.io  aims to become the new European cryptocurrency exchange of trust for individual and institutional investors alike. At the center of the Internet of Value , we provide users with an augmented trading experience in a thriving ecosystem.

A new wave and generation of tokens is upon us, and Blockchain.io intends to be a leading player in this field. As such, we have conceived the BCIO token to do just that, and more importantly, we envisioned and conceptualized it as a pipeline to the Internet of Value. For the first time, transactions can be performed without any counterparty risk, which is a crucial advancement as well as a guarantee of safety. This brings us to the essence of CEO Pierre Noizat’s vision of digital assets as a platform for applications, as well as a marketing mechanism.

Proprietary exchange tokens are still fairly uncommon in the cryptosphere, even though a handful of major platforms have made theirs available for purchase and use. We plan to push these initiatives even further: BCIO token will not be a simple means for speculation, but instead a tool that allows users to navigate through the Internet of Value. Depending on the number of coins each user holds in their wallets, they will benefit from favorable fees, discounted trading, as well as survey participation rights and token buyback programs. In short, investing in Blockchain.io is an act that is essentially based on one’s belief in the platform’s success in the long run, and one’s will to be part of a tight-knit community.

As a cryptocurrency exchange, security is one of our primary concerns, which is why we have dedicated great time and energy towards leveraging the latest cryptographic advancements; traders will be able to appreciate a stack of “fair exchange” protocols such as Rootstock sidechains and the Lightning Network. Our R&D team is highly focused on overcoming issues of scalability, trading latency, and privacy in order to provide world-class stability and service quality. Blockchain.io’s connection to its parent company Paymium, one of the first European fiat to Bitcoin exchanges, offers an additional layer of inclusivity for new investors by simplifying their introduction to crypto trading and eliminating fees between the two platforms.

With Paymium’s userbase of almost 200 000 people, Blockchain.io will have a considerable influx of users to ensure maximum liquidity upon the launch of the exchange in November 2018. We have recently opened the public phase of our ICO with a 55M BCIO token supply and a $2.3M commitment from Paymium’s treasury, plus the guarantee to burn all unsold coins.


We believe that proprietary exchange tokens are the cornerstone of tomorrow’s Blockchain value chain, and we have built a product to reflect just that. The time to opt-in is upon us, and the sooner that users adopt tokens and engage in the exchange, the better! If the idea of this revolutionary innovation strikes a chord with you, join our token sale here: https://blockchain.io/token-sale/ .