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The Future of Trading in Dapps Games Is Here!

Last Updated April 14, 2023 9:21 AM
Press Release
Last Updated April 14, 2023 9:21 AM

The first Ethereum Wallet in the World supports users to trade items from Dapps Games for Ethers on a built-in NFT Market while chatting!

a cell phone with the text nerf market send receive buy sell
NFT Market for Dapps Games on HB Wallet


‘Dapps Games’ is not a new concept with most people that familiar with Blockchain technology. However, for so long, this type of games is meant to be for pros due to its complexity not in the game mechanisms, but in the storing and trading process of game characters. It takes a lot of steps to trade for a character securely; not to mention the storing process, which is quite disturbing as well. Hence, players hardly have a good time with Dapps Games.

Fortunately, the reliever of such agonies now comes to town. There is a feature called ‘NFT Market ’ which allows Dapps Players to list their characters for sale.  It’s an open marketplace where seller and buyer can set up a trade in a few simple steps. This amazing feature is empowered by HB Wallet .

HB Wallet is an Ethereum Wallet that has been developed by Bacoor Inc . since July 2017, which is now available on iOS Android Mac , and Windows  . NFT Market is just a built-in feature within this cool Wallet. HB Wallet also supports users to chat with each other via HB Chat . This is where users can negotiate for the price in a private message or in a chat room, and even send a game character directly while chatting.

HB Wallet has reached over 250,000 downloads in March 2019. It’s now the dominant Ethereum Wallet in Japan, which was nominated as ‘The Most Valuable Wallet ’ at Blockchain Insight 2019  in Hangzhou, China early this year.


a laptop computer with the words nft market on it
NFT Market on HB Wallet Desktop


This is the first built-in NFT Market, which is available across devices, allows users to store and trade their characters for Ethers on just one app without much effort. However, it’s just available for ERC-721 tokens at this moment. Those are tokens that built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Normally, when a player wants to sell a character, he needs to transfer that character from his wallet to a marketplace. Most Dapps Markets out there are web-based. It means the player needs to use a third party app like an extension to make the transfer. So, within just one trade, a user might need to use two and sometimes three applications in order to make a single trade. It is rough, unsecured, and unnecessary.

It’s all different now with HB Wallet. Everything is all-in-one.  Users first can play Dapps Games on the ‘Dapps ’ section. Yes, you can play Dapps Games directly on HB Wallet. It can be on your phone or your PC simultaneously. Let’s say you play Cryptokitties  on HB Wallet and then obtain a super cute kitty. The cute kitty should appear on ‘My NFT Assets’ tab. From there, you can have some options as below.

First, you can send the kitty to your friend as a gift directly in a private chat conversation. HB Wallet is the first Ethereum Wallet that supports users to send ERC-721 tokens on mobile app.

Second, you can sell the kitty directly to the NFT Market. It takes less than one minute for the whole process.

When a buyer sees your listing, he can have two options. He can buy it directly, or he can negotiate for the price by clicking on the ‘Negotiate price’ button. A private chat session should appear after that.

Third, once you’re done with a negotiation session, you can sell your kitty to the buyer by using a Smart Contract. This guarantees the transparency and the security of your transaction, which avoids scams for both parties eventually.

It is important that everything here only happens on the Ethereum Blockchain. It means HB Wallet is just a portal for users that supports mentioned activities. Therefore, all the natural properties of Blockchain such as decentrality, anonymity, and transparency are intact.


Bacoor Inc. was established in February 2017, which is a Malaysia-based company with four offices across three countries. The company is specialized in Blockchain Technology.

The most popular product of Bacoor Inc. so far is HB Wallet. It is an Ethereum Wallet that running on four different platforms, but synchronizable.

HB Wallet can provide most features that users can think of when joining the Ethereum Blockchain. You can find such features as below:

  • Store/Send/Receive Ethers and Tokens that follow ERC-20, ERC-223, and ERC-721 standards
  • Receive Airdrop or join a Token Sale
  • Chat with other users
  • Create a community, and maintain by sending gifts directly on the Community Chat Room. Gifts can be in Ethers, Tokens, or NFT assets – ERC-721.
  • Play Dapps games directly on the ‘Dapps’ section
  • Trade NFT Assets on the NFT Market
  • Sell NFT Assets with Smart Contracts in a few simple steps
  • Check live Market Price, Cryptocurrency News and Blockchain Events
  • Support up to 08 languages with multiple currency units
  • Secure with Biometrics and PIN Locks.

Especially, there is a built-in decentralized Exchange called HB DEX that is currently available on HB Wallet Desktop version (Mac  and Windows ). This is where users can trade ERC-20 Tokens for Ethers and vice versa.

Download HB Wallet 

Official website of HB Wallet: hb-wallet.com 

Main Email: [email protected] 

Headquarter Address: Unit Level 11 (A), MO Tower Financial Park Labuan, Malaysia

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