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HPB the First Public Chain to Join Major Chinese Multi-Platform Credits & Rewards Points System

Last Updated April 27, 2023 2:57 AM
Press Release
Last Updated April 27, 2023 2:57 AM

– Fully integrating HPB into Shanghai Youwan’s credit system for widespread adoption with companies that are within the credit system, such as all companies under the Ping An Group, JD.com, and the Chinese telecom companies

HPB has landed a milestone partnership with Shanghai Youwan (www.1768.com ) to connect its mobile games and the HPB Wallet to expand the connected ecosystems of both parties. This new partnership will bring many new games to the HPB platform, and integrate HPB into their network of apps and companies in which HPB coins and the blockchain itself will be used.

Through the integration of HPB onto their platform, new features will be available, such as converting HPB coins into in-game currency, and bring HPB into their credit system. Not only will users be able to convert HPB into useable currency in-game, this will allow credit conversions from the in-game currency into in-game credits compatible with companies that are integrated into the credit system, such as companies under the Ping An Group, and others such as JD.com, China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom, promoting the cross-platform credit circulation, and benefiting hundreds of millions of users.

With a cross-platform, multiplayer online gaming platform, Shanghai Youwan provides gaming and entertainment services to millions of users. With over 300 employees developing 20 games per year, the platform has more than 800 million accounts. Bringing new innovations in not only gaming itself, but also gaming mechanics such as in-game economies and financial models. This new initiative exposes HPB and its blockchain infrastructure to an immense portion of the public, and is a great stepping-stone in normalizing the distributed ledger technology into people’s lives.

The partnership itself will also progress into other areas serviced by Shanghai Youwan, such as their strategic goals to innovate health care, food, housing, transportation and entertainment. A key objective is to facilitate and implement big data solutions that are able to service all these elements, bringing everything into one comprehensive ecosystem.

Shanghai Youwan’s blockchain solutions have taken a long road through its research stages, and now with HPB as their first public chain partner, will be moving on to the development and implementation phases. HPB’s unique offering of a hardware combined with software solution brought synergies within their respective platforms, ticking off the requirements for security, scalability, and flexibility. The scope of this partnership, and initiatives at hand is another signal that is showing the world that blockchain adoption is happening, and the potential it has to be integrated into our daily lives.

Given the distinct advantages HPB offers in regards to performance, security, and scalability the next goal after the integration of our technology will focus on the potential in big data management, and provide an additional layer of security for the data of Shanghai Youwan, ensuring the fidelity of data analysis results and the effectiveness of the data mining operations. HPB’s blockchain technology will help Shanghai Youwan better cater to the users’ consumption preferences, and achieve the goal of providing a interconnected gateway for the user ecosystem.

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