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An Introduction To Xeonbit: The Future Of Privacy In Online Payments

Last Updated April 27, 2023 2:03 AM
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Last Updated April 27, 2023 2:03 AM

Xeonbit offers a secure payment platform for users who wish to remain anonymous at all times. Unlike many other platforms, Xeonbit differs by allowing the possibility of tracing transactions while also protects the information of both, the receiver and the sender. Keep your balance unknown and take advantage of enhanced privacy and security features that only Xeonbit can offer.

The Importance Of Privacy

Online data has been defined by many as today’s gold. Hackers actively pursuit people’s information to steal it and make a profit out of it. Companies sometimes are also the target of hackers, with millions of people around the globe being affected. The Cambridge Analytica scandal  or the Marriot scandal  is just a couple of examples where the user’s information was targeted to make a profit out of it. A great solution for this type of issues is blockchain technology, but many projects just don’t offer the privacy users need to protect their information.

Furthermore, crypto payments represent just a small percentage of how users are paying for their goods and services, especially online. However, it is expected that in the upcoming years, the usage of cryptocurrencies will increase exponentially, given their great advantages for online payments. Unfortunately, as technology advances, so do hackers. By sending cryptocurrencies from one wallet to another, users can sometimes know the balance of said wallet by simply tracking it online, which instantly turns users with high amounts of crypto into an easy target.

Xeonbit offers a solution to these issues. Using a special technology called “ring signatures” which shuffles users’ public keys in order to eliminate the possibility to identify a particular user. Payments are anonymous by default with each transaction using a multiple cryptographic signatures that controls multiple outputs to mix them, making the sender’s information untrackable.

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In addition to this unique feature, Xeonbit also offers users an unlinkability feature, where users can display receiving addresses publicly, yet all payments made to this specific address remain unknown. Xeonbit accomplishes this by offering one-time addresses for receiving cryptocurrencies, ensuring the user’s balance remains private.

Why Privacy Matters In Online Payments

In terms of market size, the rate of electronic payments has been constantly rising since 2016, and it’s expected to continue growing. The total transaction value in digital payments reached over the US $3.4 billion in 2018, and it’s expected to reach over the US $5.7 trillion by 2022. Companies like Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay are slowly, but surely, taking over every single market by offering products that can be easily purchased by anybody, anywhere. The flexibility the e-Commerce industry offers customers is incomparable, especially when people are working longer hours and having little time to spend to go out shopping. As technology advances, purchasing goods and services online also becomes easier, making it possible for everybody to search for a specific item and buy it online.

The importance of ensuring privacy is a key aspect to accomplish mainstream adoption, allowing everybody to feel comfortable enough to purchase items online. Part of the issues that prevent this from happening is well-known, especially in the e-Commerce industry. e-Commerce platforms are an easy target for hackers and phishing attacks. Hackers gain access to the system, stealing money and private information. Customers are commonly victims of identity theft, hackers, malware, phishing attacks, security data breach, sharing of private information without the user’s consent, and so on. These are just part of the reasons why people don’t feel completely comfortable when purchasing items online.

Xeonbit could help change this by offering an untraceable technology, making it more desirable for users to prefer this blockchain over others. With Xeonbit, it would be nearly impossible to determine the identity of anyone on the platform. Xeonbit aims to become the preferred e-commerce payment platform by offering a unique private currency that’s cryptographically secured. Xeonbit has unlimited potential and can be utilized in various ways.

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