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AMFEIX Fund: The Scalable Investment Fund Enriching Bitcoin Investors

Last Updated May 4, 2023 7:25 AM
Press Release
Last Updated May 4, 2023 7:25 AM

Investors looking for huge returns in the cryptocurrency markets now have a place to invest and reap big. AMFEIX  Digital Asset Management, through its AMFEIX fund, is offering investors huge profits on their Bitcoin holdings. With only 0.02 BTC, traders can participate in the lucrative investment venture that gives an average of 23% ROI per month.


Clandestine Registration 

With AMFEIX.com , investors can deposit their crypto without providing their personal details. The platform allows users to perform a pseudo-anonymous registration.

The process of registration is so simple and straightforward. Once you’ve created your wallet on the AMFEIX platform, you simply transfer your Bitcoin from your existing wallet or exchange to the new wallet. Within 24 hours of the transfer, your bitcoin deposit amount will reflect on the AMFEIX fund page. After that, you will be ready to participate in sharing profits emanating from the fund.

No Hidden Fees

AMFEIX does not have any hidden costs, nor does it charge any management fees. Instead, the firm receives 20% of all profit generated from trading. As a result, it consistently researches on the best trading crypto-crypto pairs and crypto-fiat pairs that will enable them to make a profit.

Favourable Profit Sharing

AMFEIX has a favourable profit-sharing ratio that allows investors to take home 80% of the profits while the firm retains 20%. All profits are distributed in BTC, thereby protecting investors from any fluctuations in fiat currencies rate, which may reduce their gains.

Progressively Compounding Capital

Investors can choose not to cash in on their profits but reinvest them in the fund. Over time, their capital will compound, and their wealth will progressively increase.

One-click Withdrawals

The process of withdrawing funds from the AMFEIX.com  platform is uncomplicated. Investors can withdraw their gains, in part or in full, by a single click. After 24 hours from requesting to withdraw their BTC, investors will receive their funds, which they can send to their preferred wallet or exchange.

Risk-free Investment Policy

AMFEIX protects investors’ funds by using an investment policy that allocates 30-50% of funds for trading, at any particular time. The investment strategy protects traders from losing all their funds due to miscalculations of the market dynamics.

The company has a raft of security measures that safeguard investors’ funds from theft. Its platform is built using the Ethereum blockchain, which is decentralized. Therefore, the platform doesn’t have any intermediaries or third parties who may interfere with investors’ funds.

To safeguard the funds from hackers, AMFEIX uses cold storage. The method is highly recommended for storing cryptocurrencies because it’s not linked to the internet, thereby minimising any risks of hackers stealing funds.

On opening a wallet on the AMFEIX platform, users receive a 12 lettered seed key, which they should memorize. Investors use the keys to link their devices so that any unauthorised attempt to access their wallets may be thwarted. Moreover, users have a password consisting of 8 characters to ensure that their accounts are inaccessible to strangers.

AMFEIX only trades in the most secure exchanges in the world to minimise any risks of losing funds by using exchanges that aren’t safe.

Motivating Referral Program 

AMFEIX has a very motivating referral program that enables investors who refer new users to get huge returns. Once a new user deposits money on the AMFEIX platform, the referrer is entitled to receive 10% of the referee’s profits.

AMFEIX is the first pseudo-anonymous blockchain trading fund in the world. The platform aims to help investors reap big on their cryptocurrency assets in by trading and generating returns for them. 

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