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Power of Gold on Blockchain: Gold.io Presents the First Inter-Blockchain DEX Governed by the Community

Last Updated April 11, 2023 6:15 AM
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Last Updated April 11, 2023 6:15 AM
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GOLD.IO  presents the first inter-blockchain communicating sister-chain of EOS project creating a decentralized exchange (DEX). A team of 30+ experienced developers and blockchain enthusiasts joined forces to create this project aimed at erasing the inefficiencies existing on the market and creating the new dimensions of economic freedom.

The unique opportunities of GOLD.IO stem from the endless power of gold embodied in the gold-related projects and DApps and the power of people – united under the Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAC), all the participants of the DEX will shape, rule and regulate it. From the very beginning, GOLD.IO community members will be granted with this freedom to vote and make their own decisions defining not only their own profits but the development of the project as a whole envisioning the “golden future” where each can make an impact.

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Gold has been a real thrill, the only standard for currencies from the earliest days of humanity, and GOLD.IO will become the standard for exchanges.

Subject to many price manipulations, gold is still a “safe haven” for investors. Its real value lies in the simple fact that gold doesn’t follow the stocks and bonds market dynamics and is not impacted by the digital currencies’ volatility. Today, as the most promising stocks in the global markets see a catastrophic downtrend, gold is patiently waiting for its big hour. “The fear is back”, according to Goldman Sachs, and they believe that this market instability will help gold to regain its leading positions.

It’s no wonder that in this situation a number of pioneers aspired to create the “real digital gold” – crypto tokens backed by gold assets. An independent, fair exchange which harbors all the golden tokens existing is the missing element for the efficient and highly liquid gold trade and the ultimate gold price discovery.

the features of goldilo

GOLD.IO  novelty architecture provides all the sought-after features of a decentralized exchange – safe, secure, and convenient. Decentralization allows to eliminate all the middlemen, so the token holders will be the only custodians of their gold.

But the real uniqueness is the power of gold – cutting-edge features of EOSIO blockchain meet here a strong community of like-minded individuals united by the idea of the “golden renaissance”. Decentralized Autonomous Community will rule and regulate itself for the common good, defining all the aspects of trade, fees, and conditions.

a white paper with a black and white image of gold - inspired crypt currency projects

Each and every EOS token holder can become a part of this movement with the innovative hybrid airdrop mechanics: GIO tokens will be distributed in a number of phases with a reasonable fee applicable for their claiming, while burning the unsold tokens will only contribute to the scarcity of precious assets. In the consequent phases of distribution, it’s the GOLD.IO community itself and the very early supporters who will regulate the process.

Altogether, it will not only help to profit from gold as the unique and universal store of value but reinvent its liquidity powered by the GOLD.IO community.

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