Polychemy Changing The Face of Jewelry With 3D Printing and Bitcoin Wallet Integration

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May 14, 2015 8:19 AM UTC

Polychemy wants to change the face of jewelry, and it is doing just that. Polychemy, with the company’s focus on personalized products, puts the individual first, as “every product meticulously designed for each individual,” according to their website.

“The Jewelry industry has always focused  their efforts on brick & mortar stores,” Polychemy founder Aaron Issac told Cryptocoins News. “Selling online and ecommerce has not always been their priority. Many jewelry companies are still selling through traditional means and have poor online strategies.”

“With more and more people purchasing jewelry online. It’s time the jewelry industry adapt with the evolving trends. E-commerce allows a level of interactivity that might not be possible in a retail outlet.”

Polychemy allows customers to personalize their own rings and necklaces to their liking straight from a web browser. Customers  can even view their customizations in real time 3D before purchasing them.

The company uses 3D printing and sophisticated software to design the pieces. The company also offers their own “couple’s ring”, as can be seen here.

By working with some of the best artists in the world on one-of-a-kind designs which marry fashion and technology, the company ensures that its products are special.

Founded in 2012 in Singapore, Polychemy was the brainchild of a group of artists and programmers who wanted to create designs and accessories for the fashion and technology conscious consumer.

25-year-old entrepreneur Issac founded Polychemy. The company is data driven, the young entrepreneur contends,

3D Printer Process

3D printers produce a wax mold cast into metal into which gems are set before the entire piece is polished. Polychemy has approximately 40 customizable jewelry designs which sell for $100 to $250 per. Customers choose the precious metal, the gem and text. A company software program creates a unique snowflake design from a few billion options every time a user clicks refresh.

Polychemy produces a QR code pendant which can be scanned with devices, like a smartphone. At least one customer has encrypted a Bitcoin wallet on the QR code pendant.

Issac wants to Penetrate a Growing China E-commerce Industry

Like many other entrepreneurs, Issac has his sights set on China’s growing e-commerce industry and 1.4 billion consumers — he expects Polychemy’s Chinese nameplate necklaces to be a hit.

“We realized that there was [online] search traffic for name necklaces in other languages — Japanese, Korean, Chinese,” he said. “Most companies don’t do this because it’s too niche … but we can combine all the niches together and capture a lot of this market.”

Issac is excited for the future of Polychemy.

We are really at the beginning,” he told CCN.com.

“The technology we have developed here at polychemy really opens up a whole new world of design to us. I believe we will see more personalized designs & algorithmic/iterative designs. I am very excited for the future.”

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