Piers Morgan Rants About Meghan Markle Again – and He’s Wrong, Again

Piers Morgan has had a white-hot hatred for Meghan Markle since Prince Harry started dating her. Now, he’s literally deranged.
Piers Morgan, Meghan Markle
In a complete lack of originality, Piers Morgan is demanding the Queen to strip Meghan Markle and Prince Harry off their Royal titles. | Source:
  • Piers Morgan believes Meghan Markle and Prince Harry should be “stripped of their titles.”
  • His belief comes based on the Duchess’s assertion about voting in the American election this year.
  • Morgan’s almost-frightening hatred for Markle blinds him to the simple facts.

Piers Morgan hates Meghan Markle.

And he couldn’t make it any more clear.

In a tweet he posted today that, of course, went viral, he fumed about the fact that Buckingham Palace hasn’t stripped the Sussexes of their title yet.

Like all of Markle’s detractors, his frothing rage has no basis in reality.

Piers Morgan Hates The Fact That Meghan Markle Spoke

Much ado is still being made about the fact that Meghan Markle had the nerve — the staggering hubris — to speak, along with other women, for the When We All Vote campaign.

It’s worth reminding everyone again, since clearly they missed it the first time: When We All Vote is a non-partisan organization. Michelle Obama is a co-founder, but so is Tim McGraw. Those two people have highly opposing political views. The point of When We All Vote is to encourage people to vote, no matter their party affiliation. 

Morgan, a Trump supporter until recently — though he seems to be besties with the Dear Leader again — is taking high umbrage with Meghan Markle’s statement of “we all know what’s at stake this year.” Apparently, according to Morgan, this was a call to arms against Donald Trump.

Meghan Markle
Mad that Meghan Markle has the title you’re so desperate for, Piers? | Source: Twitter

I’m sorry, but what?

She Said What She Said — How You Take It Is Up To You

Listen, again, to what Meghan Markle really said in the video below.

Just as that general statement could be used as an argument against Trump, it could be used as an argument in favor of Trump. While Trump detractors could interpret “we all know what’s at stake” as an argument to vote for Biden, Trump supporters could interpret “we all know what’s at stake” as an argument to keep Trump in power.

And that’s the point.

Meghan Markle’s statement, itself, is non-partisanShe is an American telling her countrymen to vote, not interfering in an election. 

Funny, too, how Morgan had absolutely nothing to say when Queen Elizabeth II seemed to tell the Scottish people to “think carefully about their future” when Scotland’s independence was up for referendum.

Meghan Markle
Once again, the British gutter press has no smoke for the white members of the British royal family — because they’re reserving their hatred for the Black one. | Source: Twitter

Piers Morgan was, once again, looking for an excuse to attack Meghan Markle in a deranged, and borderline delusional, way. He needs to get over his obsession with the Duchess of Sussex and find something else to do.

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