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OpenLedger Secures $1.6 Million, Partners Chinese Public Blockchain

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:57 PM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:57 PM

A group of Chinese, European and American investors has invested $1.6 million in OpenLedger Aps, based in Pandrup, Denmark, enabling OpenLedger to proceed with four projects, the company announced on its website.

OpenLedger secured the investment from its Asian-U.S. tour led by CEO Ronny Boesing, who spoke at New York, Seoul and Shanghai conferences. OpenLedger also secured a partnership with ViewFin, China’s first public blockchain, and an agreement to have the OpenLedger currency listed on two Chinese exchanges.

OpenLedger is also adding Chinese ICOs and their tokens to its exchange, OpenLedger Decentralized Exchange (DEX). DEX has been designed to support high-speed transactions that allow users to trade assets in real time.

Investment To Support Projects

The new investment will support eDEV.one, GetGame, Apptrade and OCASH, which are separately run. ITOs will soon be announced for eDEV.one, GetGame and OCASH.

GetGame is a platform based on game-related ideas focused on VR, AR and blockchain based creations. Each game must be validated and must agree to share 10% of future revenue with GetGame ApS and all its ITO token holders.

Each game can create a profile where investors can invest in the games they expect to succeed. Each game will have its own token that investors will receive in proportion to their investment. The tokens can be traded within the platform.

eDEV.one, which will have its pre-ICO stage in August, is a blockchain based freelancing platform that allows clients to hire freelancers and lets freelancers browse for jobs. The eDEV.one Escrow Milestone Payment System is a neutral payment system between the parties based on a smart contract.

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All-In-One Debit Card

OCASH will be the first all-in-one debit card, with a customized app and website for people to sign up. It includes a major cards’ payment system in the OpenLedger and Bitshares networks, and it allows token holders to use StableCoins (SmartCoins) that include OpenLedger tokens such as BTC, ETH and OBITS to make purchases where debit cards are accepted.

OCASH is a Bitshares token held by early backers that will be offered to all future ITO investors. The tokens will be available in September 2017 during the ITO. Holders will get a monthly dividend based on a distribution plan using half the future revenues earned.

Apptrade, supported by the digital token APPX, develops portfolios of apps. Each app portfolio ensures that every included app supports all the other apps. App developers can create their own portfolios or join an existing portfolio to build awareness and revenue for their apps.

The OpenLedger Decentralized Conglomerate is a blockchain powered conglomerate based on BitShares technology.

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