English Champions Manchester City Unveils Official ‘Blockchain Gaming Partner’

Manchester City, Blockchain, Superbloke

By CCN Markets: UK football club Manchester City announced a blockchain gaming partnership with South Korean sports service developer, Superbloke. The alliance is another example of the ongoing mainstreaming of blockchain, the technology underpinning bitcoin. Online gaming is mainstreaming blockchain Superbloke will incorporate Man City players into its “FC Superstars” online soccer...

Is This Bank’s Blockchain-Powered Crypto Wallet a Game Changer?


By CCN Markets: Bank of America (BofA) continues its steady creep into the crypto world, filing another blockchain-related patent application. This new one is particularly interesting because it’s for a crypto wallet. CCN discussed the move with several crypto players. Here’s what they had to say. Is BofA’s move game-changing? BofA’s latest crypto-related patent application was published by the U...

Even Bitcoin Bears Think the BTC Price Could Hit New Record in 2020

bitcoin price chart

Despite the lack of decisiveness in the bitcoin market following the dominant crypto asset’s abrupt drop from $14,000 to $9,500, many analysts – even bearish ones – generally remain confident that the bitcoin price is heading towards a new record high in 2020. On CNBC’s Squawk Box, as CCN reported, prominent news anchor Joe Kernen emphasized the imminence of the next halving of the...

Cybersecurity Breach at Maryland Agency Spotlights Need for Blockchain


The Maryland Department of Labor announced that a security flaw in its databases may have exposed the sensitive and personal data of around 78,000 people. The agency commented that the breach occurred earlier this year after nine employees fell victim to what cybersecurity experts call a phishing attack. This practice is similar to what happened last month when a data breach in Oregon’s...

Blockchain Exec Reveals the Facebook Crypto’s Unspoken Advantage

facebook cryptocurrency libra

By CCN Markets: Blockchain.com Head of Growth Haider Rafique believes that Facebook’s Libra project will be a boon to cryptocurrency as a whole, for numerous reasons. As Head of Growth at Blockchain, adoption is the executive’s primary drive, and he believes Facebook’s crypto entry will have a positive impact. The growth expert laid out his case for Facebook’s potentially positive impact on...

Most Blockchain Platforms Will Need Replacing in a Couple Years: Report


By CCN: Most enterprise blockchains have been mistargeted. They will need replacing in a couple of years. Gartner did a study that found up to 90% of the blockchains in use today will need to be replaced in just a couple short years. “By 2021, 90% of current enterprise blockchain platform implementations will require replacement within 18 months to remain competitive, secure and avoid...

Bitcoin, Not Blockchain: People Feverishly Search for World’s First Crypto

bitcoin searches

By CCN: Around the world, the majority of searches related to cryptocurrency involve the word “Bitcoin,” a new report by ConsenSys concludes. Excepting a few Asian countries, most of the world wants to find information about Bitcoin. In the U.S., UK, Nigeria, Brazil, France, and elsewhere, roughly 70% or more of all crypto-related searches are for Bitcoin. Comparatively, Taiwan and Japan...

British Throne Heir Prince Charles Calls Bitcoin a ‘Very Interesting Development’

Prince Charles, Bitcoin

By CCN: Prince Charles, the heir apparent to the British throne, is a budding fan of bitcoin and blockchain. During a May 8 visit to Berlin, Germany, a crypto fan asked the Prince of Wales the following question: “Prince Charles, what do you think of bitcoin?” Prince Charles is in Germany this week on a four-day royal visit to honor the Royal Family’s German heritage. Prince...

Crypto Payments: Canada and Singapore Central Banks Send Each Other Digital Currencies


By CCN.com: The Bank of Canada and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has conducted a successful pilot test of central bank-backed crypto assets to clear cross-border and cross-currency payments. The official statement of MAS released on May 2 described the potential of “central bank digital currencies” in increasing the efficiency and reducing risks for international transactions. “The...

Blockchain Will Revolutionize 300 Years of Stock Trading: London Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange, Blockchain

By CCN.com: The London Stock Exchange (LSE) is weighing the benefits of using blockchain technology for issuing stock and settling trades. In an interview with CNBC, the LSE chief executive Nikhil Rathi said he was inspired by early blockchain initiatives at other stock exchanges, and sees the benefit of distributed ledger technology: “You can certainly see distributed ledger technology having an...

Blockchain Hype Turns to Mainstream Adoption in Multi-Billion Dollar Corporations: Study


By CCN.com: Forty percent of senior finance executives expect their firms to invest in blockchain technology over the next two years, according to a recent survey by audit firm Grant Thornton LLP. That’s in addition to the 22 percent who report their firms have already implemented the technology. This marks a dramatic change from only a year ago, when blockchain was more talked about than...

Moody’s Misses the Point on Blockchain Tech, Fears ‘Systemic’ Risk

Moody's, blockchain

By CCN: Moody’s is one of the world’s best-known rating agencies, and it appears they are ready to admit they see some upside in blockchain technology. They also claim there are systemic risks to conventional finance from the adoption of the tech. Moody’s Is Concerned About “Concentrated Risk” When Using Blockchain Yes, you heard that correctly. Moody’s angle is not that...

Pro-Bitcoin Ohio Bill Promotes Government Adoption of Blockchain

Ohio blockchain

By CCN.com: A bill introduced this week in the Ohio House of Representatives urges government entities to adopt blockchain, the technology underpinning bitcoin. Republican state representative Rick Carfagna sponsored the bill. The legislation, called House Bill 220, is part of Ohio’s plan to provide a legal framework for distributed ledger technology such as blockchain (see text below). Rep...

Blockchain Phone Fail: Start-up Sirin Labs Lays off 25% of its Staff

Sirin Labs

By CCN.com: Sirin Labs, founders of the Finney blockchain phone are making 15 of their 60-person team redundant, as crypto winter bites back with sales of its flagship device “less than expected”. The market may be showing some positive signs as bitcoin, ethereum and others made strong gains in April, but the bear market continues to show its teeth, claiming the scalp of another start...

This US Steakhouse Will Let You Trace Your Dinner Meat on a Blockchain


It’s happening. The blockchain is disrupting the agriculture space, thanks to Fogo de Chao, a Plano, Texas-based Brazilian steakhouse. Fogo de Chao revealed it will integrate blockchain technology to monitor the meat it serves from farm to table. In doing so, the restaurant is helping to catapult the cattle ranching business into the high-tech arena. Cattle ranchers gain a window into the...

YouTube’s Biggest Star PewDiePie Swaps Stream to Blockchain Video Platform

PewDiePie, dlive, crypto

YouTube’s most popular content creator will ditch the video juggernaut in favor of crypto-based DLive in a massive win for blockchain awareness and adoption. With 93 million subscribers (and counting) Felix Kjellberg AKA PewDiePie is without question YouTube’s biggest, most successful creator, with an estimated net worth of between $30-$50 million. His “work” as a vlogger...

Vitalik Buterin Urges South Korea to Deregulate Blockchain, Embrace Crypto

Blockchain, Vitalik Buterin, crypto

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and a bipartisan group of lawmakers urged the South Korean government to deregulate the blockchain industry. They say the current laws are overly restrictive and therefore, inhibit innovation. Buterin made the remarks while speaking at a meeting of the South Korean parliament, News1 reported. “Blockchain is a technology that can be run without...

Tezos Is Booming, and Crypto Enthusiasts Want to Know Why

Tezos, Spendable Contracts

Tezos is on fire, moving up from 45 cents a week ago to a high of over 60 cents. The change in bitcoin’s price probably isn’t enough to do that by itself, and Tezos has been charting steadily in both markets in the same direction. Luke Martin, a trader and analyst, asked the question first: Why is everyone talking about Tezos? — Luke Martin (@VentureCoinist) March 20, 2019 Gains Not...

Australian Government Pledges Measly $100K Towards Blockchain Development

Australia, blockchain

Australia’s Karen Andrews of the Ministry for Industry, Science and Technology is pledging $100,000 towards furthering blockchain development. In a press release, Andrews says her department will put the money towards “regulation, skills and capacity building, and international competitiveness and collaboration.” It’s a solid step forward in the nation’s fight to...

Korea’s Biggest Actor Invests in Crypto and That’s a Big Deal for Asian Markets

Crypto cryptocurrency Bae Yong-joon

Bae Yong-joon, arguably the most influential and widely recognized actor in South Korea featured in films like Winter Sonata and The Legend, invested in a local crypto startup called Seamon. Importance of a Public Figure Investing in the Crypto Space in South Korea According to Hankyoreh, a mainstream media outlet in South Korea, Seamon is co-founded by the Norway-based Ocean Supreme, the most...

Enjin Coin Launches Unity SDK – Mass Adoption Through Blockchain Gaming?


Is the era of blockchain gaming finally upon us? Enjin Coin has announced a partnership with Unity to introduce millions of existing game developers to blockchain development. Unity is one of the most popular game development platforms ever. Effectively, more than three Unity games have been installed for every single person on earth. Over half of all mobile games run on Unity. Now, Unity’s going...

This Crypto Surged 200% After Listing on Samsung Galaxy S10 Blockchain Wallet

Enjin, Samsung

On February 26, while the Bitcoin price remained at $3,800 following a sudden 10 percent plunge, Enjin Coin (ENJ), a crypto asset native to a gaming-suited blockchain network called Enjin, spiked by more than 150 percent.
Against Bitcoin, at its daily peak, Enjin Coin surged from 0.00000958 BTC to 0.00002943 by 207 percent within a 24-hour span.

Apple Taps Blockchain to Ethically Manufacture Your iPhone, Macbook


When you think of Apple, you think iPhone, iPad, or even privacy concerns. You probably don’t think conflict minerals used in the manufacturing of its devices or how blockchain could prove the cure for an ethical supply chain. Well, you should. The tech giant has filed a report with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission indicating it is studying ways to implement Blockchain in some form or...

How Fidelity’s Bitcoin Custody Launch in Q1 2019 Crucially Shows Institutional Demand Still Exists

Fidelity, Bitcoin

On January 30, Bloomberg reported that Fidelity, the world’s fourth-largest asset manager, is set to launch its Bitcoin custody service by the end of the first quarter of 2019. Three sources who asked to remain anonymous reportedly said that the plans are still private but the firm plans to introduce Bitcoin storage first, followed by Ethereum (ETH) custody. Why Fidelity Pushing Forward With...

Exclusive: Bermuda to Announce Launch of a Crypto-Friendly Bank Next Week


By CCN.com: It looks like the skies will be much clearer for the crypto and blockchain community in Bermuda soon. A bank that will accept blockchain and crypto companies appears to be just around the horizon. Bermuda Premier David Burt made the announcement during a one on one interview with BBC journalist Priya Patel at the Consensys Lounge, today. This was one of the many events at the World...

Chinese Internet Court Uses Blockchain To Combat Online Plagiarism


An Internet Court launched in Eastern Chinese City Hangzhou will now use blockchain to fight plagiarism for online writers, local Chinese news outlet China.org.cn reported. China launched its first internet court in the city of Hangzhou to deal with internet related cases, save time and reduce overhead costs of getting justice out of the system. At the time of the launch, the court was expected...

Iranian Official Believes Blockchain Can Drive Economic Growth


According to an Iranian official, the integration of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies could provide a much-needed boost to the country’s economy, per reports on the Tehran Times. Alireza Daliri, a Deputy for Management Development and Resources at the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, stated that blockchain technology could provide Iran with a platform to coordinate with her...

Donald Trump Hires Prominent Bitcoin Supporter Mick Mulvaney to White House Staff


U.S. President Donald Trump has hired the prominent Bitcoin supporter Mick Mulvaney to be his new White House Chief of Staff. Donald Trump is one of the most polarizing people on Planet Earth and whether you love him or hate him, it is beneficial for the crypto industry to have a major Bitcoin advocate whispering sweet nothings into the ear of the American President. Donald Trump Makes Positive...

This Privacy-Focused Interoperable Blockchain Bridges Ethereum and Bitcoin


“Wanchain is a separate, independent, public chain,” CEO Jack Lu says on a recent December morning. He explains that it is essentially a fork of Ethereum which integrated a lot of privacy-focused changes and primarily focuses on cross-chain compatibility. Wanchain wants to be the bridge between blockchains, allowing multi-crypto transaction execution in a private manner. Officially, in text, it...

7 Major EU Countries to Go Big on Blockchain: What It Means for Crypto

France ICO

On December 4, seven EU countries led by Malta and France have established a group called the “Mediterranean seven” to encourage and promote the usage of blockchain technology. In the months to come, the seven countries that include France, Italy, Spain, Malta, Cyprus, Portugal and Spain, will work to implement the blockchain in education, transport, mobility, shipping, Land Registry, customers...

Thailand Revenue Department to Track VAT Payments using Blockchain

Thailand cryptocurrency

In 2014, the Revenue Department of Thailand had arrested many individuals and investigated about 60 companies for defrauding the department out of $18.29 million worth of baht in value-added taxes (VAT). Since and before, the department has been unable to track a majority of such tax defaulters, losing billions of dollars in the process. So could blockchain be the solution that could minimize tax...

Former Ernst & Young Analyst Disillusioned by the Blockchain


A recent article in Barron’s describes Angus Champion de Crespigny, who spent ten years at professional services firm Ernst and Young and led the blockchain financial services division for years and was the subject of the article entitled “This Blockchain Believer Turned Heretic Is Still Bullish On Bitcoin,” as a “major skeptic.” Champion de Crespigny describes himself as an...

Korean Firm Aims to Make Blockchain Faster


According to local news outlet Joongnag Daily, a blockchain company based in Korea believes that it has found what it takes to revolutionize blockchain technology and bring even quicker pace to the way that transactions are being carried out. SymVerse, a blockchain firm that was established earlier this year, hosted an event and held a demonstration on Wednesday, November 28, 2018. Choi Soo-hyuk...

WaterChain Chairman: Cryptocurrencies Will Create An Entirely New Economy

Coinbase venture capital fund

Riggs Eckelberry is the CEO of OriginClear, a company which provides water treatment solutions, and Chairman of WaterChain, a token project which works to crowdsource water funding in an effort to alleviate suffering as a result of the ongoing global water crisis, which isn’t scheduled to get any better as populations increase. In a recent Forbes op-ed, Eckelberry speaks to the corporate...

North Korea to Host Another Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference

North Korea bitcoin cryptocurrency

In a bid to showcase some of its technological advancement and show its support for the blockchain technology, North Korea has announced plans to hold a blockchain and cryptocurrency conference. This comes on the heels of a similar conference held in August. The country announced that plans are already in the works for them to host some of the foremost experts in cryptocurrency operations and...

How SEC’s Paragon Ruling Could Send Many Crypto ICOs to Bankruptcy


The recent crackdown on two initial coin offerings (ICOs) Paragon and AirFox by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) could lead to many blockchain and crypto projects declaring bankruptcy in the coming months. As CCN reported on November 16, Paragon and AirFox were ordered to pay a $350,000 fine to the U.S. SEC and refund investors who participated in the token sale. The problem for...

Distributed Ledger Tech (DLT) can Automate Regulation: CFTC Chairman

Christopher Giancarlo

As FinTech continues to reimagine new business models for finance, a high-profile financial regulator believes it can also be used to enforce derivative laws more effectively. J. Christopher Giancarlo, the chairman of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), highlighted distributed ledger technology (DLT) and how it can automate regulations for derivative markets while speaking at the...

Cities in China are Using Blockchain to Track Parolees


At least two Chinese cities are using blockchain technology to track offenders on parole, CCN has learned. In the city of Foshan, a report from May indicates that officials would like to deck their system out with bracelets similar to those issued in western countries. In the city of Zhongshan, which is in the same province as Foshan (Guangdong), the system will reportedly transcend boundaries...

Abu Dhabi Bourse Issues Cryptocurrency Thought Paper

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange

Abi Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) on Tuesday issued a paper on crypto and distributed ledger infrastructure, Emirates News Agency reported. The “thought paper,” according to the $135 billion Bourse, identifies the technical and operational standards required to issue crypto-assets. It specifically assists financial institutions that are undergoing a transition from conventional...

Bitcoin Mining Market Still Strong as Shown by Bitfury’s $1 Billion Valuation

bitcoin mining

This week, Bitcoin mining equipment manufacturer and blockchain software firm Bitfury secured a valuation of $1 billion from billionaire investor Mike Novogratz and Korelya Capital’s $80 million investment in the firm. The multi-million dollar funding round comes after the release of Bitfury Clarke, the firm’s new Bitcoin ASIC miner, designed to compete against Bitmain’s new...

ConsenSys-Led Ethereum Tools Truffle, Infura & MetaMask Hit Milestones

ethereum Blockchain EEA

Ethereum co-creator Joseph Lubin-led ConsenSys, the largest blockchain software development firm in the world based in New York, has created three of the most widely utilized Ethereum products over the last several years. To many new cryptocurrency users and investors, ConsenSys, which houses nearly 1,000 developers, is unrecognized. But, day-to-day users of various blockchain projects are well...

Israel Has Over 200 Domestic Blockchain Startups: Industry Body

Israel Blockchain

Israeli Blockchain Association, an organization whose primary objective is to educate, develop and empower Israel’s distributed ledger technology (DLT) community, encourage best practices and connect it with global leaders in the blockchain space, has released its third Israeli Blockchain Startup Map. According to a recent press release by the organization, there are now more than 200 blockchain...

Net Neutrality Killer Ajit Pai Casts an Eye over Regulating Blockchain


The man who killed net neutrality in the US is racing-up with innovations like blockchain to effectively regulate them. Ajit Pai, the chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), said that his office would be looking into the emerging technologies for their potential impact on the telecom sector. Naming artificial intelligence, machine learning, and quantum computing alongside...

Blockchain, Ledger Release ‘First-of-Its-Kind’ Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

bitcoin wallet Samourai

Cryptocurrency web wallet provider Blockchain has struck a deal with hardware wallet producer Ledger to manufacture a custom hardware device that will allow Blockchain users to seamlessly manage their online and offline funds through a single familiar interface. Unveiled on Thursday, the Blockchain Lockbox, is, according to an announcement, a “first-of-its-kind hardware and software” solution...

Aussie Blockchain Startup Wins Billionaire Branson’s Tech Challenge

Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic

Power Ledger, a blockchain startup based in Australia, won business magnate Sir Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) 2018, as reported by Australian news channel Nine News. The challenge, whose previous finalists include Doctor on Demand and Vantage Robotics, aims to provide entrepreneurs with the right tools to help them build their tech products. Power Ledger received...

Blockchain 101: From Whiteboard Theory to Real-Life Applications

bitcoin education graduation cap blockchain

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned while investing in cryptocurrency assets is the importance of understanding how this technology works and how it can be leveraged. It makes little sense to simply follow the herd when there are great online tools and learning courses available; some key questions I’ll try to address are how blockchain can be used in real life, how can projects...

Apple Pioneer Steve Wozniak Has Co-Founded a Blockchain Investment Firm

Steve Wozniak Bitcoin

Steve Wozniak, the tech entrepreneur best known as the co-founder of Apple, has joined EQUI Global, a venture capital fund built using blockchain technology, as a co-founder. In a Medium post published by the company, Wozniak said that he will scout for technology companies to find the “tech stars” of the future. He also said that he receives innovative pitches regularly; however...

Watch out Wall Street, Blockchain is Coming: Fmr. JPMorgan Exec. Blythe Masters

blythe masters JPMorgan digital asset blockchain

Blockchain innovator and former JPMorgan head of commodities Blythe Masters spoke at the London Metal Exchange annual dinner during the LME Week to say that blockchain is coming to commodity markets to introduce heightened confidentiality, reduce paper waste, and improve provenance and productivity. Masters — who became managing director at JPMorgan at the age of 28 before becoming the head...