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OPEN Platform Presents First Developer Contest

Last Updated May 15, 2023 10:04 AM
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Last Updated May 15, 2023 10:04 AM

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The OPEN Platform team is proud to announce that it will be presenting its first OPEN Developer Contest during its upcoming roadshow in Asia.

A first of its kind, the OPEN Developer Contest gives developers the opportunity to pitch ideas and help come up with ways to integrate OPEN Platform’s payment solutions into their applications, games or DAPP projects. Participating developers get hands-on experience working with OPEN Platform, the first-ever decentralized payment solution that works for on and off-chain payments. The contest pairs developers with the OPEN Platform team, encouraging both parties to share ideas, learn from each other, and explore creative ways of using blockchain technology to enhance games and applications.

Participants of the OPEN Developer Contest will be graded based on how well their ideas are able to harness the OPEN Platform and its payment-processing capabilities. Judges will review all of the contestants’ ideas and choose the top three that illustrate the versatility of OPEN Platform’s technology most effectively.

The three winners will then be rewarded with 250 hours of expert development work recognized by Zensoft , which will be paid through the OPEN Developer Pool. Thanks to these development hours, the three finalists will see their prize hours converted into working applications.


Seeking Talented Developers from Growing Markets

There’s a lot of potential for blockchain adoption in Asian markets. Not only does the Asia-Pacific region have a robust development community, they also have the world’s largest gaming market  – nearly twice as large as North America, which is the industry’s second largest market.

The OPEN Platform team believes there’s a huge demand in Asia for a payment platform that offers both fiat and cryptocurrency solutions, is easy to implement, and can remove middle-man fees. For this reason, OPEN Platform decided to unveil their Developer Contest in Asia so that some of the world’s brightest and most innovative developers can explore OPEN Platform and work together to build games and DAPPs that offer next-generation payment solutions.

Developers interested in participating in the contest can sign up here .

Winners of the OPEN Developer Contest will be announced on May 15th at the Consensus 2018 Technology Summit , hosted at the Hilton Midtown in New York City.