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Netflix Stoops to New Lows With Reality Show ‘Too Hot to Handle’

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:49 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:49 PM
  • Netflix’s latest show, Too Hot to Handle, drops Friday and promises to be car crash viewing of the worst kind.
  • They’re packing a bunch of good-looking people off to a paradise location where they have to refrain from humping each other like wild dogs.
  • The prize is $100,000, but the real cost is the hours that viewers will lose watching this crap.

Remember the good old days when Big Brother was the measuring stick for trashy, low-brow television? Upcoming Netflix offering Too Hot to Handle makes Big Brother look like Frasier.

Touted as the streaming giant’s version of Love Island,  Too Hot to Handle promises to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

After the success of the car-crash that was The Tiger King, can you blame Netflix for once again looking to cash in on the morons?

What, Exactly, Is Too Hot to Handle?

Copying similar garbage like Love Island, Too Hot to Handle sees a bunch of thoroughly unlikeable individuals packed up and sent to a paradise-like location where they’re forced to hang out together.

The catch is that if any of them want to have a chance at the $100,000 prize, they have to resist the urge to ‘hook up.’

Source: Twitter 

Of course, for an average, intelligent person, this would be all too easy. What’s a few weeks without human contact when $100,000 is at stake?

This is where the show’s dimwits shine. They have to try to resist the urge to hump each other like wild dogs. And probably fail miserably.

It’s All About a ‘Deeper Emotional Connection’ According to Those Behind the Show

The contestants are told beforehand that the show aims to promote a “deeper emotional connection” at the expense of getting physical.

This is absolute crap, of course.

The purpose of the show is to throw a bunch of morons together and see how long they can resist their primal urges to procreate. All the while, Netflix subscribers stare on with a vacant look in their eyes.

I would say you need to get out more, but, well, we’re not allowed out just now. | Source: Twitter 

This is a show featuring the lowest form of human intelligence, being watched by the lowest form of human intelligence.

The only real difference between the stars of the show and its audience is some fake tan and a gym membership.

Netflix Content of Late Is Like One Big Joke on Subscribers

Remember the early days when Netflix provided decent content? Yeah, me too.

What happened? Why the focus on reality TV trash of late? Thus far, we’ve seen people shut in their apartments for weeks on end while they catfish each other. And we’ve had people put in boxes and get married. 

Atop this hill of horse manure stands the Tiger King himself.

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Shows Like ‘Tiger King’ and ‘Love Is Blind’ Are the Future, Sadly

No doubt, social media will be crawling with discussions surrounding Too Hot to Handle by the weekend.

In a way, Netflix is just doing what they have to do to draw in eyeballs and subscribers.

What’s that tell us about the state of humanity? I don’t want to know the answer.

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