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#MetaHash Delivers Unprecedented Transaction Speed, Pioneers Blockchain Interoperability

Last Updated April 20, 2023 4:11 AM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated April 20, 2023 4:11 AM

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#MetaHash , a Blockchain 4.0-based digital asset exchange network and decentralized application platform, enables sharing digital assets and a platform to create and manage decentralized apps and services in real time.

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#MetaHash uses artificial intelligence to synchronize cross-continental nodes to create an optimal map of the network, based on latency rates. The network then redistributes the data accordingly, harnessing its full power to enable the unprecedented processing speeds.

On June 29, #MetaHash opened its MainNet and started a queue-based coin sale prior to its upcoming start of forging initiatives. The MainNet is preceded by months of load tests and a public testnet, which showed results above-declared capacity of more than 60,000 TPS, with under three seconds of validation through more than 500 billion transactions processed within the test phase.


With the opening of the MainNet and start of #MetaHashCoin (#MHC) distribution, the first buyers will benefit from forging early, before the amount of forgers increases and forging rewards are split between more participants. Starting from 12:00 UTC on June 29, #MHC can be bought via ETH or BTC, but at a price equal to $0.0391 converted at the exchange rate at the time of purchase. During the coin offering, 920 million coins will be distributed and the goal of the initial offering is set at $36 million.

A Unique Protocol

The platform overcomes the limitations of blockchain solutions that are partially centralized and limited to no more than 2 million transactions per day. The #MetaHash protocol eliminates the disadvantage faced by blockchains that have to raise transaction fees to accommodate larger blockchain loads to increase transaction speeds.

Increasing the speed of transaction impacts the ability to implement the technology in everyday operations. #MetaHash takes one second for first approval and three seconds for final approval for most transactions, compared to a minimum 30 seconds for first approval and 15 minutes for final approval of most cryptocurrencies.

In addition to unparalleled speed, the platform’s unique #TraceChain protocol enables decentralization at the lowest price per transaction in all of blockchain’s history.

Unparalleled App Integration

The protocol allows #MetaHash to organize stand-alone apps in a common ecosystem, making it possible for the apps to integrate with one another.

These #MetaApps bring smart, real-time applications with a GUI, similar to common web services and applications, but removing smart contract limitations. The #MetaApps eliminate restrictions for developers, creating opportunities for new distributed Internet services using a single protocol.

Extensive Capabilities

Any project developed in any programming language, such as Solidity, PHP, C++ and others, can integrate with a #MetaApp. The protocol overcomes the inconvenience and delays of smart contract applications that can only operate on blockchain data and are unable to interact with one another.

The “tokenization” of any asset is possible on the platform, enabling the ability to exchange digital assets used by blockchain networks and making the technology available to those who lack special programming skills. This supports the faster introduction of the technology.

The platform also allows the development of independent sub-chains that are protected by the main #MetaHash network that also run on the #TraceChain protocol. Such sub-chains allow for thousands of #MetaApps to operate without overloading the main network. The protocol supports the many applications seeking to build secure, cost effective chains to transfer data.

Another exciting development allows for transitioning from PoW (mining) to multi-PoS (forging). #MetaHashCoins can forge with wallets and nodes to provide critical resources. Mining, on the other hand, limits transaction speeds on the network and requires resources to protect it.

Any asset in a bitcoin, ETH, ERC20 or other blockchain network can convert to #MHC, which can provide instant and reliable transactions of assets at specific prices, as well as payment for public addresses, listing in #MetaApps, advertising in #MetaGate browser and other sources.

The platform can also provide data storage for applications that have to store data but require a greater speed or a higher volume of data than a conventional blockchain provides.

To learn more, visit metahash.org,  follow #MetaHash on Medium  or join the official chat on Telegram  and subscribe to project’s Facebook  page.