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McAfee Says His Bitcoin Debit Card’s Coming Soon. Can We Believe Him?

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:44 PM
W. E. Messamore
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:44 PM

By CCN.com: John McAfee just tweeted out from somewhere in the Bahamas a teaser image for a new crypto debit card. The dotcom, anti-virus-millionaire promises the Visa-branded bitcoin card will be coming soon. From the teaser promo, it appears you can use your card to spend bitcoin anywhere Visa is accepted. McAfee has a history of making false promises, the most recent of which was that he would reveal the identity of bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. So for all those in crypto land who are waiting with bated breath for a Visa-branded bitcoin debit card, we can’t make any promises. But McAfee says it’s the real deal.

The back of the card features a QR Code for a bitcoin deposit address.

If that feature finds its way into the final product, people will be able to accept payments with a card in their wallet. This would be a disruptive foray into the payment cards business. Not least of all because the underlying currency being used for payment is bitcoin.

Branding The John McAfee Bitcoin Credit Card

The front of the card features John McAfee’s dashing mug over an American flag background with broken chains inside the stripes. There are also symbols of modern technology and civilization in the star field. In the lower left the card says, “Freedom Lover.”

In the middle is a plug for McAfee’s 2020 presidential campaign with the admonition: “Get your soul back.” At least that’s better than “Don’t vote for McAfee,” the oddball outlaw candidate’s most recent known official campaign slogan.

Is John McAfee’s Publicity Good for Bitcoin?

McAfee has a well-earned reputation as an unrepentant degenerate. Does his enterprising involvement within the cryptocurrency space make bitcoin and other cryptos look bad?

Hell no.

John McAfee is a hero to many, and despite his unorthodox way of thinking and living, or maybe because of it, he has accomplished a lot to be proud of. He’s done a massive amount of good for the world. People admire him because they respect his steely conviction as much as they enjoy his charisma and wit.

Still, John, if you actually want to sell some of these, please take your face off the card. My two satoshis. McAfee must have been listening because he just announced:

“Only the first 12,000 have my image on it. After that, all cards shipped will be plain. My haters will have to wait.”

John McAfee Crying Wolf?

The worst thing he could do, however, is to get the crypto community’s hopes up for another product with the potential to usher bitcoin into the mainstream and then make some lame excuse as to why it can’t be true. There’s only so many times you can cry wolf, even if you’re John McAfee.