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Mach and Ontology, Joined MOU

Last Updated April 20, 2023 3:21 AM
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Last Updated April 20, 2023 3:21 AM

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The MACH project, which launched blockchain-based P2P safety trading platform MarketMACH  has announced the signing of an MOU with Ontology recently following the announcement of MACH listing.

Through the agreement between the two companies, CEO Solomon Choi and CEO Lee Jun will first be joined by Ontology  as the main partners in marketMACH platform and MACH’s advance into China and great China region, and actively connect large-scale financial investment venture capital and media companies, an accelerator and marketing company connected to Ontology, to play a key role in helping the market platform become a neutralizing power.

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Meanwhile, MACH will serve as a game portal for the formation of the market for Ontology Mainnet-based decentralized games targeting the Korean game market in the future. In addition, ONTID, a decentralized ID solution launched by Ontology, also allows MACH to collaborate to launch in Korea successfully.

The MOU between MACH and Ontology is very meaningful in that it is an active partnership with Ontology, a top-tier coin in the coin market cap, and the MACH project, which recently led to the listing of IDAX, ProBit and Latoken, ChainB, and can be evaluated as a meaningful partnership that will help the company advance into Korea or the Chinese region in the future.

At the same time as the MOU, MarketMACH will integrate Ontology wallet and ONTID, and allow many Ontology Holders to trade assets through MarketMACH.

Ontology is a high-performance public blockchain project that includes decentralized ledgers and smart-action systems which ranks 24th in terms of market capitalization based on CoinMarketCap on Aug. 19, 2019.

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MACH was recently sold out in just five minutes in the IEO on the IDAX exchange, and this collaboration with the global blockchain Mainet Ontology has given a big boost to MACH Platform and MACH Coin’s plan to make inroads into the world. MACH is currently listed on large exchanges including IDAX ProBit  and Latoken , and will be listed on a total five large exchanges by the end of this year.

Unlike other cryptocurrency projects, MACH project  focused on developing the MarketMACH platform before formal funding rounds to be recognized as a real-life project, and have been registered 10,000 members for beta services within a month of its opening.

Learn more about MACH Project on https://mymach.io/ 

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