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Liberland Wants to Create its Own Cryptocurrency & Accepts Bitcoin for State Budget

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:43 PM
Justin OConnell
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:43 PM
Vit Jedlička
Vit Jedlička / Facebook

Vit Jedlička, a member of the conservative Party of Free Citizens in the Czech Republic, has declared himself the President of Liberland, a nation upon terra nullius between Serbia and Croatia.

Founded upon the principles of freedom, Liberland has received tens of thousands of applications for citizenship in a 3 square mile country where taxes are optional and military is non-existent.

“The objective of the founders of the new state is to build a country where honest people can prosper without being oppressed by governments making their lives unpleasant through the burden of unnecessary restrictions and taxes,” states the announcement of World’s newest country.

“To live and let live” is the country’s motto. “We have the busiest immigration office in the world,” Jedlička quipped to TIME .

The country is located on the west bank of the Danube between Croatia and Serbia, land which has long gone unclaimed because of a border dispute.

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We sat down with the world’s newest unelected President, Vit Jedlička, for an exclusive interview for our readers.

Interview with the World’s Newest Unelected President Vit Jedlička

Where did the idea for Liberland come from?

From the fact that most of the states in Europe take too much from the citizens and provide very poor services at the same time. That there is an enormous number of people and companies who instead of working and creating wealth are living off government subsidies and welfare.

What is terra nullius and how much land is terra nullius on earth today?

Very little now. My friend, the King of Northern Sudan, has taken over the last piece of land between Sudan and Egypt. But if you check Wikipedia you will find some more.

Is there any historical example of a nation being formed based off terra nullius?

Basically every country which started on a place where there was no other government was created this way.

Cryptocurrency communities have a lot of interest in Liberland. Why do you think this is?

Because we accept bitcoins as donations to state budget and we also plan to have a free market in currency. We would like to set up our own cryptocurrency in the near future.

How well aware is the Liberland leadership of Bitcoin?

We actually started our own cryptocurrency a year ago Emoticoin. It was successful for a long time but then we lost interest in the project. It is still alive, however.

Many people are worried that Liberland will be corrupted. What are your thoughts on this?

By writing a very restrictive constitution, we try to prevent that. We are well aware that power corrupts. Lord Acton and Murray Rothbard explained this in plain detail. We hope to build a country that will be much less corrupt than they are normally in Europe.

What is the potential of Liberland?

Unlimited. We hope to create another economic miracle.

What does Liberland need to succeed?

We need to get recognition from other countries. We are working on it hard and already have

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