Leaked Document Supports Theory that Moolah CEO Alex Green Changed Name

Clay Michael Gillespie @thelivingaspect
October 17, 2014

From an anonymous tip, CCN received a leaked document of a name change, also known as a Deed Poll in the United Kingdom. Over the past few days, allegations arose claiming Moolah CEO Alex Green is operating under a pseudonym to hide his true identity. Various documents, photos and sources linked Green to known Bitcoin scammer Ryan Kennedy, also known as Ryan Gentle by the provided driver’s license.

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The leaked document possibly proves that Ryan Gentle once legally changed his name to Ryan Kennedy.


Ryan Kennedy, who is accused of going by Alex Green, is currently rumored to be staying with Elliot Szarvas while in Japan. CCN has attempted to verify the legitimacy of this document with both witnesses but has received no response. We are currently in touch with the proper legal authorities to verify whether or not the document is valid. If it is, it raises suspicion in support of the theory that Alex Green changed his name from Ryan Kennedy in the past, having the ability to verify his identity today. However it is currently unverifiable at this time.

Alex Green heightened suspicions that a further name change revelation was forthcoming in a post form earlier today:

“I would like to start by saying that in context of the below, my identity is irrelevant. My identity becomes relevant if I break the law, which is something that neither myself nor my employees have done. To be as clear as I can, I could have been born as John Smith, and it wouldn’t matter. This is not to be taken as confirmation or admission of anything, that will follow at a later stage. In the eyes of the law, my name is Alex Green.”

Green told CCN he might have plans to verify his identity with a news source in the next coming days, only adding to the ongoing mystery.

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