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League of Legends Gambling: Win Bitcoin!

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:43 PM
Joel Dalais
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:43 PM

Lol1Are you a gamer? Do you occasionally like chilling out with Xin, Annie, or one of the many other characters of League? And you like bitcoin?

Well now, this might be for you.

League of Legends  (LoL) is an MMO (massively multiplayer online), where players go head to head against each other in 1v1, or up to 5v5 on a variety of map and game styles. Throughout the game, you build up levels with the ultimate aim to destroy the opponents castle.

Recent achievements by the Leetcoin team allows gamers to place bets against each other for games of League.

You are required to sign-up through your google+ account, and then you have to accept an agreement and choose your nickname. Then you can deposit funds and start to play games and place bets.

After you have deposited your funds, created your North American LoL account (assuming you did have one previously), you will need to connect up your RIOT (LoL) account. To do this you need to login to your LoL client/account, then enter the code that Leetcoin gives you onto your Mastery page (that you will get when you first attempt to join or start a game). Then you can click Continue on your Leetcoin page and wait for it to authorize you.

Now you can click ‘Play’ and start a game or join an existing game (at the time of the author testing there were no games to join, so he started his own, but it was rather quiet).

You can find a detailed guide with instructions on the leetcoin.com site. Here you can see more information about regions (only North America at the moment), maps and more.

Once the host and all the players are locked into a game, the funds will move from your Leetcoin account to the ‘match’ account. The host will then start the match, and everyone else should click start. They will all then receive a link to join the custom game in League.

Wagers must be a minimum of 100 Satoshi (0.00000100) and a maximum of 9999999 Satoshi (0.09999999).

Note: It is recommended (by the author) to have your League client already loaded and be logged in.

To then join the match you need to click ‘Play’ (on the league client), then Custom, then Tournament Code, and paste the code you have from Leetcoin into the ‘Last Step’ box provided. Then Join Game and away you go.

Good luck!

Author Notes: The limitation/requirement to sign up via Google can be a hindrance, especially for those that do not have a Google account. And it excludes this service from anyone who refuses to have a Google account. If you already have a Google account, then it is not much of an issue.

The service currently limits itself to North American accounts. You will need to create a new League account for that region if you wish to use this. As such you should remain aware of level differences between yourself and other players.

The deposits wait for three confirmations, so make sure you deposit ahead of time.

The system does not seem to be very busy, the author advises that you are more likely to get a game going if you find friends willing to play first. Hopefully, it will get busy in the future.

There is a public chatroom, when you log into LoL, you can join “leetcoin”, unfortunately also rather quiet and requires level 5 to participate.

Disclaimer: The author was unable to test the payout on the platform due to lack of players. Hopefully you can test it, or he will have the opportunity in the future. He has been known to occasionally play League of Legends.