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Las Vegas Sees Increased Bitcoin Distribution

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:47 PM
Donna Rodgers
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:47 PM

Bitcoin distribution in Las Vegas has broad appeal. Vegas and bitcoin seem destined for each other as more businesses accept payments in the cryptocurrency. Las Vegas is one of the world’s most popular gaming and entertainment destinations. Over the past few years, more Vegas visitors exchange bitcoins for everything Sin City has to offer, including casinos, restaurants, limos, hotels, boats, bachelorette parties, and escort services.

Bitcoin distribution is happening because sellers want to make it easier for buyers to use the digital currency. Bitcoin ATMs make it easier for users to spend digital currency and make “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” a reality. Two-way bitcoin ATMs in South Las Vegas and Henderson NV were announced earlier this year. Users can buy or sell the cryptocurrency at starting rates of 7 percent buy and 5 percent sell. CCN.com previously reported on Mike Tyson’s branded ATM machines and b wallet.

Some mainstream historic Freemont Street Vegas establishments, including Derek Stevens’ Golden Gate Hotel & Casino and D Las Vegas Casino Hotel, are enjoying greater profits as a result. It’s possible to pay in BTC at the hotel front desk, shops & facilities here and has been for over two years. Speaking to VegasNews.com , he spoke about Bitcoin’s influence toward his hotel business:

[The hotel] has definitely seen more business as a result [of bitcoin’s acceptance].

More Vegas businesses accept bitcoin each month. This is supply and demand at work. More people want to spend bitcoins on Las Vegas vacations and businesses want to reap the rewards. Certainly, last year’s global payment conference highlighting bitcoin brought new reasons for businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments.

As more gaming enthusiasts earn bitcoins  on the Internet, it’s natural for Las Vegas gaming businesses look for ways to attract their attention. Most financial analysts say the powerful growth of Internet gaming and gambling can crossover to real gambling establishments.

Bitcoin distribution is happening in Las Vegas with payments are accepted by family friendly establishments as well. It’s possible to book a tour with bitcoins, take flying lessons, install an audio/video system, enjoy kart racing, sample many local eateries, pay for landscaping services, get a new hairdo, pay for car repairs, or buy a mattress with the cryptocurrency. It’s also possible to use bitcoins to pay for office space and services, retain a lawyer, or buy precious metals with bitcoins.

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