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Get Paid Bitcoins to Play Mobile Games

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:44 PM
P. H. Madore
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:44 PM

google-playSearching the Google Play store for Bitcoin-related applications can be a somewhat harrowing experience.

Invariably one will come across questionable applications and occasionally finding a certain wallet can be impossible due to the uncanny nature of SEO mechanics. Nonetheless, some important applications have come about in the Bitcoin Android space, and we’re not talking about wallets or price watchers. We’re talking about the games!

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1. Oh Crop!

The newest contender in the category is Oh Crop!, a game much like Plants vs. Zombies in which the player must defeat evil plants. Every week, the top 15 players in Oh Crop! are rewarded for their savvy in bitcoins. Additionally, players can earn free BTC in a faucet like scenario where they view a video advertisement and receive a disbursement.

Oh Crop!

A creation of Loud Panda Interactive, the game is free on Google Play, coming soon to the Apple Store, and at time of writing is one of the leading games in the Philippines.

Oh Crop!

2. Coin Flapper

Coin Flapper has been written about on CCN.com before. It is the ideal situation for the recovering Flappy Birds addict, as the free version limits the amount one can play and rewards the time spent with a freely earned Bitcoin balance.


There is also a pro version of Coin Flapper which essentially allows the player to enter an ante and then compete for bigger prizes. The studio which created Coin Flapper, BitPlay.Today , also has another game with similar rules, based on Candy Crush, called Coin Crusher.

3. Bitcoin Aliens

The most straightforward way to obtain free bitcoins, Bitcoin Aliens  is a faucet masquerading as a game. The app will pay you to watch advertisements as it will pay you to slaughter aliens efficiently.


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