Will Kanye West Pull the Mask Off Trump’s Son-in-Law?

I'm worried Jared Kushner is exploiting Kanye West to help Trump steal the election. But it looks like Kanye might pull off Kushner's mask.

  • Kanye West has reportedly been taking private meetings with Jared Kushner.
  • West promises to talk to news outlets about what they discussed.
  • He needs to talk – and fast.

Kanye West can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

As he faces the possibility of election fraud charges, works overtime to save his marriage, and basically tries to salvage whatever vestige of credibility he has left, the former superstar rapper sparked another mini-controversy this week.

He revealed he’s been taking private meetings with Jared Kushner, “senior advisor” and son-in-law to one President Donald J. Trump.

If Kanye West wants to dish on Jared Kushner, let him squeal! | Source: Twitter

Considering what Kushner has been capable of, West has a moral obligation to spill the beans on their interactions – and fast.

Kanye West: Political Pawn?

A recent report revealed that Kanye West – who, at one time, was known for his Grammy-award winning and critically-acclaimed rap songs – has been taking “almost daily” meetings with Jared Kushner.

Video: Adam Schiff Torches Jared Kushner’s Underhanded Tactics – Including Exploiting Kanye West

And we already know the conversations between West and Kushner have been as problematic and borderline racist as you can imagine.

As Kanye admitted more than a month ago:

One time I talked to Jared Kushner, who was saying, ‘We don’t have Black leaders—we just have hustlers.’ Why? Because they killed all the Black leaders.

More than just exploiting Kanye West and his fragile mental state, the White House – using Kushner as their proxy – is doing something a lot more nefarious.

Is It That Hard To Believe?

Let’s remember that Jared Kushner is the same “senior advisor” that allegedly told Donald Trump to allow the COVID-19 pandemic to run wild so as to “wipe out” the so-called “blue states” and guarantee himself an election win.

Is it really that hard to believe he’d exploit Kanye West for his own insidious purposes – namely, to steal votes from Joe Biden so his father-in-law can win the election and avoid potential prosecution for another four years?

Jared Kushner (left) has reportedly been speaking with Kanye West on an “almost daily” basis. | Source: a katz/Shutterstock.com

Besides, West all but admitted the sole point of his bewildering “political campaign” was to take votes away from Democratic hopeful Joe Biden.

Suddenly, Kanye is promising to spill the beans about Jared Kushner. Perhaps it’s just a ploy to save his own skin as the ramifications of his actions become inescapable. That doesn’t matter.

If Kanye wants to pull the mask off Trump’s son-in-law, I say let him squeal!

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Last modified: September 23, 2020 2:19 PM

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