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John McAfee Exposed His Social Security Number to the Entire Internet

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:37 PM
P. H. Madore
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:37 PM

“Cybersecurity expert” and noted crypto pumper John McAfee accidentally revealed his Social Security Number this morning, tweeting out some documents that contained the information.

CCN.com has determined it would be unethical to post a screenshot since the anti-virus pioneer has already deleted the tweets, but we retained the link.

McAfee later tweeted the same documents, this time with his Social Security Number hidden.

Unfortunately for McAfee, we weren’t the only ones to catch the original tweet.

Crypto Outlaw Proves(?) the IRS Is Lying

The documents, says McAfee, prove that the IRS impaneled a Grand Jury with the intent to indict him for tax evasion. In a recent statement to Sputnik News , the IRS denied that it was after John McAfee.

McAfee claims he hasn’t filed a tax return in nearly a decade.

The septuagenarian is ever-infuriated when people attack his character or call him a liar. Nevertheless, the man has been involved in several major scandals, including being the subject of a murder investigation in Belize.

Sputnik News wrote of McAfee:

“US tax authorities deny McAfee’s claims. There is no legal requirement in the US Constitution which prevents a wanted criminal suspect from running for the presidency. Under the US Constitution, a candidate must be born in the United States, be a US resident for at least 14 years and be at least 35 years old.”

McAfee thought the only reasonable response was to prove what he said.

The eccentric crypto millionaire’s followers were supportive overall.

In a note of irony, McAfee took time to engage a lot of tweets. He even decried a scam one of his followers had posted:

Notably, McAfee once loudly promoted the Bitcoiin 2nd Generation cryptocurrency, or B2G, which was indubitably tied to a massive cloud mining scam that also implicated actor Steven Seagal.

McAfee is currently attempting to secure the Libertarian Party nomination for US president. In 2016, he lost to former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson.

With all due respect to Andrew Yang, John McAfee would be the most radically pro-cryptocurrency candidate if he were to secure the Libertarian nomination.

John McAfee for President!

Notably, several Democrats have touted their pro-crypto credentials so far in the packed Democratic primary race. One has already exited the contest .

Most demonstrate a lack of understanding regarding cryptocurrency so flagrant as to be a blatant tactic to acquire anti-Trump conservative technologists in their voting bloc.

A nice dream.

But would the powers that be actually cede the White House to a person who would seek to eliminate most forms of taxation and grant full freedom to cryptocurrency initiatives?

Something major would have to change in the United States.

As the old slogan goes:

“If voting changed anything, they would make it illegal.”

Erstwhile in McAfee-land, the senior citizen is thoroughly enjoying his time in communist Cuba.

Libertarians and cryptonaughts typically support the free exchange of goods and services across borders. A side benefit of a McAfee presidency would likely be the resumption of relations with our Cuban neighbors.

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